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Full Version: The Right to Clean Food and Water
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In midst of the healthcare thread, I began realizing that a huge component of health issues in America are due to both our lifestyle habits, but more importantly, the increased abundance of the processed shit we called "food" that is being eaten these days. I just finished reading Michael Pollan's "In Defense of Food" and it pisses me off that corporate America has chemically changed our foods so much that it's literally killing us off. I know a lot of people are going to respond with "personal choice", but the problem is many consumers aren't even given a choice because this kind of information is hidden so well.

The other thing is water. A friend passed this video along to me:

It's only a quick 8 minute overview of the water industry, but if it interests you, I highly suggest investing 1.5 hrs of your time in watching the documentary "Flow", which can be seen here:

It's starting to piss me off that I have to spend this kind of time researching shit that we as human beings should have as natural rights. EVERYONE in the world should not have to worry about the things we eat or drink.
lloyd mayflower
The government is as much to blame. Over here there has been a huge movement against this sort of stuff, mostly led by TV chefs and the like. There have been a few undercover programs looking into the processed foods industry and the shit they get away with from the Food Standards Agency is obscene. The main problem here is food labelling. The food companies can get away with calling something beef if it cantains somethin like 30% beff or beef derivatives so they use the sweeping from the slaughterhouse floor. Its not right
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