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Full Version: Pics: My girlfriend with WBC Womans Featherweight champ Olivia Gerula
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Also me in my last fight


Me shadow boxing


My son already to fight

By the way my GF is Stormy Roach a 2 time Canadian nationals champ. Her and her brother Damian were the only brother-sister team to ever win Gold medals at the same time. In all of Ametuer boxing.
Lol! I thought my internet got disconnected momentarily. But when I browsed other sites, they opened up.
LOL .I thought it was just me LOL,I kept clicking on them and was like wtf ...LOL...

Wow ,not a good way to start off as a new member...
Can I get a little help? Why won't my pics show up what do I have to do?
QUOTE (Fitz @ Apr 2 2010, 06:59 PM) *
Awesome. Got anymore links that don't work?


What a dick...haha
If these pages display on your personal page, a storage place for your photo's, wouldn't he just be right clicking the picture, selecting "properties", copy the entire "address" on the properties page. And when he adds a reply to this thread, make sure you click on the inset image button, and paste the address in the box it brings up. That way, instead of having a link to your picture on your post, it will display the image rather than having to click the link

I dont know how these personal storage sites work, but thats how i assume it would go

Cut the dude some slack. Everyone has to start learning somewhere. Lord knows he's taking a risk posting pictures of his girlfriend on this site
Probably pissed a lot of people waiting to see how hot his girlfriend is.
shit ran me hot i just paid my bill yesterday... i thought my internet was turned off.. lol...
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