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Full Version: UFC 112 Thread
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Anyone watching?

Silvas good but MMA guys comparing this guy to a prime Roy Jones Jr. is a joke.

I think he'll beat St. Pierre though.
lloyd mayflower
You guys must have been on a tape delay or some shit, I posted the results in a UFC thread about 12 hours ago!
Anderson simply cannot fight coming forward. Unless his opponent is in his face, ha can't put them away, ala the Thales Leitas fight which was a carbon copy of this one. Full credit to Maia for trying his best to make it a fight. Never seen anyone winging punches from their knees at a standing opponent before.

He has all the tools to put guys away, but chooses not to use them Its like watching Wladimir jabbing for 12 rounds straight, and not throwing a right hand. Fucking unbelievable. I would seriosuly expect Dana White to call him up and say, dont do that shit ever again. Especially not in a new market place for the ufc. Horrible horrible performance by a man who had his opponent completely and utterly over matched.

GSP has a shot against him. I would not pick against Silva, but 170 is more suited to GSP's frame. Anderson will be a skeleton in there. Nobody has as good a takedown as GSP. He is fast, and doesnt telegraph those takedowns. I can see him being very successful

I was worried that Edgar wouldnt get the decision vs Penn. He outslicked him in everyway. And whilst i think if he had actually tried to put penn away, he would've got KO'd, full credit to him for sticking to his game plan. Penn didn't listen to his corner and go for the takedown, probably because he felt nothing from Frankies punches. But he got outworked and outslicked.

Huge upset...
I think GSP is a really good fighter but Anderson will outclass him and I hope he does to.
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