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Full Version: Manny Pacquiao vs Ike Quartey..
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Clottey was like a poor man's Ike IMO...

Bazooka had more skills, was faster, hit harder, IMO stronger, and he had that jab... His major weakness was his workrate,or lackthereof. He didn't throw his right hand with consistency and he had a tendency to fade late. I think Pacquiao with his speed, angles, and combinations allow him to take a clear UD over Quartey, possibly stopping him late.
QUOTE (Fitz @ Apr 15 2010, 12:28 AM) *
Pick 'em fight. You are right about Clottey being a poor mans Quartey. I suppose the difference of opinion in this fight depends on your opinion of the Clottey performance. I said from day one that Clottey is collecting a pay check and will not try to win the fight. Based on what I saw, I believe it was the case, and when Clottey bothered to do something, he was hitting Manny at will. I think Quartey coming in to actually try and win the fight, he is in with a chance.
Would like to see more of Quartey's earlier stuff, but this is based on what I have seen.

You should check out his fights pre-De La Hoya(Not so much his fight with Lopez, though for 8-9 rounds he did outclass him)..

He was very good. Could have been better.
Im a huge fan of Quartey to this day still one of my all time favorite fighters. Ike's jab alone would have given Manny loads of trouble. Don't know if he would beat Manny but it would have been a war i guess if i had to pick i would lean towards Manny by decision but i could very well see the Quartey of the mid to late 90's taking a decision aswell.
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