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Full Version: Manny Pacquiao vs Ray Leonard..
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Any chance Manny can pull a Duran and lure Ray into his type of fight???...

I think this is hell for Manny because Ray was the bigger man here. He was stronger, just as fast, and he hit so hard with both hands that it would have to take an effect on Pacquiao sooner or later. I think Pacquiao would get his in and he would definitely make Ray fight a bit.

But a great big man will beat a great little man. I see Leonard taking him out in 10 rounds. It starts off competitive, but Ray would take his measure after about 4 or 5 rounds and from there it would start to get ugly. Freddy Roach throws in the towel.

Leonard TKO 10.
Aa great as Manny is i can't see him beating a prime Leonard he may give him some rouble with his in and out flurries but i can't see him doing what Duran did.

Leonard by wide UD or late rd stoppage.
Leonard via late stoppage, he ends it after dominating the fight.
Like everyone else I'd go with Leonard..He'd outbox Pac-man and probably hurt him like he hurt Hearns quite a few times in their first fight
I think Leonard is bigger & more skilled but for some reason I just can't count Pac out altogether. Manny has moments but Leonard by brutal KO in the mid rounds.
Leonard by lopsided beat down.
Ray. Easy. End of discussion.
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