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Full Version: YOUR most anticipated fights ever.
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These are probably my top 5 in over 20 years watching boxing(in no order).

1- Tyson-Holyfield I. Everyone wanted to see this fight, and it sure did not disappoint. Had over 20 guys in my parents living room just going crazy throughout the whole fight.

2- Toney-Jones Jr. Man was I super pumped for this fight. I liked Roy, but even back then I was a young Toney hugger. I knew Toney would lose that fight when they showed his next day weight and KNEW he lost his weight the wrong way and Roy was in amazing shape. Toney was soft and lethargic. But before I saw Toney's next day weight, I thought Toney would eventually KO him and I even wrote my parents a note telling them that I was off to watch the fight and to watch Toney KO Roy. My Mom still has that note.

3-Bowe-Golota II. Traveled to AC for this fight with the now wife. After there first fight riot and bad blood, I was so excited to see this fight. I knew Bowe was undertrained and took Andrew lightly the first time, but figured he would be really prepared the second time. Man was it a very sad day for me. Bowe looked shop worn and showed heart but was not strong enough to keep Golota down. He still won cause Golota is a dumbass, but it was sad seeing Bowe get beat up like that.

4-Jones- Tarver II. Man I could not wait to see Roy just destroy mikdud. Unfortunately... well we all know the story.

5- Hopkins-Trinidad. Never a huge Hopkins fan, but man I wanted him to destroy Tito so bad. This fight was awesome to watch, amazing performance and great ending. The build up and then the whole 911 thing, this fight had me pumped to see.

I am sure there is probably some I am forgetting, but these are five to me that had me salivating until they finally met in that square ring. Oh... which brings me to my next point, Mosley-Mayweather has surpassed all of these. I can not wait for this fight!!!There are no words to describe how passionate I feel about this fight.

So come on... anyone else have some big fights THEY just could not wait to see?
Whitaker vs Chavez

Mosley vs DLH I

Col Reb
1. Tyson - Spinks
2. DLH - Trinidad
3. Mayweather - Hatton
4. DLH - Chavez
5. DLH - Vargas
6. Calzaghe - Hopkins
7. Tyson - Holyfield II
8. Barrera - Morales
9. Lewis - Klitschko
10. White Buffalo vs Black Rhino!!!
Big Slim Sweet
Holyfield-Tyson 1 + 2.
Any Holyfield fight..

Any Corrales fight

Tarver/Johnson 1----I may get hated on for that but I really wanted to see how that fight would play out..

Jean Marc-Mormeck/O'Neil Bell 1 and 2..

Lamon Brewster/Andrew Golota---Since this was my first heavyweight championship fight I'd ever seen in person..

Lewis/Rahman 2..
Was super pumped for Corrales/Castillo 2 until the weight fiasco.
Any Ricardo Mayorga fight
Mean Mister Mustard
QUOTE (pcraw @ Apr 19 2010, 11:23 PM) *
Was super pumped for Corrales/Castillo 2 until the weight fiasco.
Any Ricardo Mayorga fight

I was pumped for this one too. Mayweather had neve fought anyone as fast as Judah and I was super pumped for it.
Chavez/Taylor I
Tyson/Holyfield I&II
Manny/Morales I&II

Ike Quartey vs Oscar De La Hoya

Felix Trinidad vs Oscar De La Hoya

Bernard Hopkins vs Jermain Taylor II

Roy Jones vs John Ruiz

Mike Tyson vs Holyfield II

Shane Mosley vs Ricardo Mayorga

Vernon Forrest vs Ricardo Mayorga II

Shane Mosley vs De La Hoya II

Floyd Mayweather vs Ricky Hatton

Floyd Mayweater vs Oscar De La Hoya

Miguel Cotto vs Shane Mosley

Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito

Pernell Whitaker vs Oscar De La Hoya

Hector Camacho vs Felix Trinidad

Marco Antonio Barrera vs Prince Naseem Hamed

Luis Collazo vs Ricky Hatton

Winky Wright vs Felix Trinidad

Paul Williams vs Antonio Margarito

Some fights I was really excited as in goosebumps on the arm for were

Lewis vs Holyfield I (Rooting hard for Holyfield but Lewis gained my respect that night)
Tito vs DLH (Hated DLH & was glad to see him lose his 0)
Hopkins vs Tito (I loved Tito but knew Hopkins would win as he is the far better boxer)
Lewis vs Tyson (I wanted to see Tyson take the worst beating of his life to shut up the idiots)
Tszyu vs Mitchell II (I wanted to see Sharmba cry again & was not dissapointed)
Tszyu vs Judah (A lot of talk by Judah backed up with nothing)

There are others but they all stand out.
All of these replies are just so generic.

Not one post mentioning Butterbean, Tex Cobb, or some washed up football player.

This thread has forced me to retire to my parlor and sip some tea before bedtime.
Reading these answers makes me think that the guys who are running those intensely cruel "Just for Men" commercials on FNF have got their demographics correct.

lloyd mayflower
Calzaghe v Jones at number three since I was desperate to go to NYC and seeing a big fight in MSG is a tick in a box as far as im concerned

Hatton v Castillo is my second most anticipated fight since it afforded me my first opportunity to assault Las Vegas.

Hatton v Mayweather most anticipated because this time, I was ready for Las Vegas.
QUOTE (SmartyBeardo @ Apr 20 2010, 08:22 AM) *
Go down swinging.

the very most important thing in life!


Benn-Eubank I and II
Eubank-Watson II




Bruno-Tyson I



Truthfully there are too many to mention but most of the above lived up to the expectation.
Big Slim Sweet
QUOTE (SmartyBeardo @ Apr 20 2010, 08:22 AM) *
My friend, reality is a cruel and undefeated opponent.

Go down swinging.

LOL. Pretty good line there old Hobo. You've got my respect for that one.
QUOTE (SmartyBeardo @ Apr 19 2010, 11:47 PM) *
Duran/Leonard I


Ali/Frazier I, II, III


Leonard/Hearns I

Foreman/Ali (although I had little confidence that Ali had a chance)











You're a real lucky guy to have been alive during these fights..I would of given anything to have been around for these..
QUOTE (TheWhiteBuffalo @ Apr 20 2010, 04:54 AM) *
All of these replies are just so generic.

Not one post mentioning Butterbean, Tex Cobb, or some washed up football player.

This thread has forced me to retire to my parlor and sip some tea before bedtime.


Did ya miss mine of Jean Marc-Mormeck and O'Neil Bell 1 and 2??I wouldn't say that one is generic..Maxy also has some very non-generic fights..

Glad to see you're now a Holyfield fan..I'm diggin your new sig!!! clapping.gif thumbsup_anim.gif
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