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Full Version: Lloyd Mayflower spotted in airport!!
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lloyd mayflower
Hahaha love how the presenter just tried to blame it on alcohol straight away! Probably not far from the truth!
The man is sporting a full-on Hooters sweatshirt too. laugh.gif

How's the weather over there? Is the ash really that bad?
lloyd mayflower
Cant even see it, seemingly the first day it happened it was visible but i was in bed off a nightshift. Apparently the problem is legislation put in place after a BA flight lost all four engines in an ash cloud some years ago, and the planes radar cant pick it up so they dont know when they will hit it.
I haven't noticed anything. Some people are saying there is a lot of dust on their car and others keep saying the air smells acrid.

My Mrs works at school.....she said there are at least 30 children off and 6 teachers....all stuck abroad somewhere. If this thing lasts we'll end up crippled as a nation.
lloyd mayflower
Think just about everyone who is stuck abroad is getting flown to Portugal and are sailing home on the Ark Royal. Fuck that!!!
They said on the news that America has lost $600 million dollars in the cancelled travel due to this ash...I'm not sure how they figured that out, but that's what they're reporting.
Simple solution don't travel. I blame foreigners they are always to blame. The BNP has the right idea.....
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