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Full Version: Tito Trinidad vs Miguel Cotto.
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Its easy to forget how good the young welterweight Trinidad was. Towards the end of his welterweight career, he had started to get away from the things that made him so effective, like his relying on his height and reach, his jab, combination punching, bodypunching, and he emphasized placement/accuracy over just loading up on one punch. His defense was never anything great, mostly because he fought in the danger zone all the time, and his footwork was kind of clumsy(Not to the degree of Kelly Pavlik but still slow on his feet). Cotto before he ran into Margarito's illegal wraps was a very good fighter. Good boxer, moved well, had a nice jab, and left hook to the body, and he threw combinations well.

On to this fight... Its definitely a war.. Cotto was a solid puncher, but Trinidad was a concussive puncher and could knock out with either hand. Tito also IMO had faster hands he would have more than enough to stand in there with Cotto to do damage.

Trinidad KO 8
lloyd mayflower
I have to say I dont think pre Margarito Cotto would be an easy beat for anyone, Tito probably shades it for me but it would be a quality fight, one i would like to see Miguel win. I feel so sorry for him everytime I see him fight, just because of the dirty cunt Tony
I think Cotto gives Trinidad a very good fight and probably drops him in the fight, though I think Trinidad comes on and stops him late in the fight with it being close on the cards.
I could see it being a welterweight version of Trinidad-Vargas but not in the beginning.

Both start slow and Cotto wouldn't come at Trinidad the way Vargas did. He would start outside with his jab and try to gradually work his way inside. Trinidad in turn would push out his own jab and look land his left hook to the head, especially when Cotto throws his own hook to the body. The left uppercut would really work for Trinidad here because of the way Cotto fights out of a crouch. Cotto would bring his own fire to the table and he would bust Tito up his own damn self, but Trinidad IMO has the faster hands and his stamina is better. He'd have Cotto in full retreat before he wins via stoppage.

^I think so to. Cotto has very good skills to give Trinidad a great fight but it would be like the Vargas fight. Tito would give Cotto a beatdown.
I like Cotto and he might make it interesting for the first few rds if he boxes the way he did with Mosley bu Tito would eventually get to him.

Trinidad by brutal KO in 9.
Well we know Trinidad gets dropped lol, but he was too big, too powerful, too good. Even though we remember it because it wasnt that long ago, Tito fought in a better era. Cotto has a ton of heart, but he is and always has been limited skillwise. Prime Trinidad vs Prime Cotto.. Trinidad TKO9.
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