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Full Version: Froch ready to quit the Super 6
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by ESPN staff

"Carl Froch is threatening to walk away from the Super Six tournament unless his next fight is guaranteed to take place in Britain.

Froch lost his WBC super-middleweight title after being outpointed by Denmark's Mikkel Kessler on Saturday night in Herning, but the Nottingham fighter is adamant he was the victim of a hometown decision.

The 'Cobra' has one win and a loss from his two tournament showings and next up for the 32-year-old is German-Armenian Arthur Abraham.

And Froch's promoter, Mick Hennessy, claims to have an agreement in place to see the fight held in Britain but Abraham's promoters, Sauerland Events, are adamant the bout will be staged in Berlin - a claim which has riled Froch.

"I am adamant that the next fight, with Arthur Abraham, will be taking place in Britain. I won't be fighting in Germany, it's as simple as that," he said.

"It would mean me pulling out of the tournament if they forced me to fight in Berlin. So I want to get that straight from the start: it has already been agreed that I would fight at home, fight away and a fight back at home. It has been agreed with Ken Hershman at Showtime (Super Six organisers).

"So my fight with Abraham is in England or the fight is not happening and will make a mockery of the tournament. It's as simple as that."

In front of a partisan Danish crowd, home favourite Kessler impressed all three judges and was awarded the fight 117-111, 115-113 and 116-112 as Froch lost his unbeaten record.

And although the Englishman, who was defending his title for a third time since winning the vacant belt against Jean Pascal in December 2008, is willing to quit the tournament, he admits he is desperate to reclaim his belt and unify the division.

"As the Super Six World Boxing Classic rolls on and gets more interesting, a win against Abraham puts me in the semi-final and then there is the final. I can still be undisputed champion in my next three fights, let's not forget that. This fight is going to make me stronger, better and more determined," he added.

German promoter Wilfried Sauerland has insisted any previous agreement was simply for the contest to take place somewhere in Europe and it now looks likely that wherever the match-up will earn the most revenue, is where the fight will take place. "

Very Calslappy-like behavior here.
That chump needs to suck it up.

He could have easily lost to Dirrell IN ENGLAND.
Better late than never.

Fight likely to go ahead at neutral venue
Awww...poor Carl.

I guess he doesn't like it when the Hometown decision goes against European of him.

Mean Mister Mustard
This is the problem about the tournament: hometown venues = hometown decisions. Most of the fights are going to be close, because of the quality of the fighters, so it is to be expected that the losers are going to complain about the decision.
What a fucking baby. I guess he doesn't see the irony in his win over Dirrell.
Byrd Man
If he was contracted to have a home/away/home type arrangement, and they tried to put him somewhere else, then I can see him being upset about it. Maybe not "I'ma fucking quit" upset, but still...
Jack 1000
But I have to understand Froch's position with Satherland's influence in Germany favoring Abraham. I don't think it is so much fighting in Germany, as the problem is with Satherland. Remember, he tried to get Abraham's DQ loss OVERTURNED against Direll. He was the one where Danny Green was ready to be announced the winner in his first fight with Marcus Beyer, with the commission doctor and everyone doing everything to say that Green should be DQ'd. Than Sautherland went over to WBC officials and they brought out the rule book that says if an intentional foul, (in this case, a blatant head-butt causes the fight to be stopped, it's a DQ.)

How about Abraham-Miranda I when the fight was stopped for a long period of time in that controversial 5th round. Sautherland compalined to Randy Newman who was clueless as to do. Originally Newman ruled it as a TKO loss for Abraham because of a Miranda head-butt. (incorrect.) When it was revealed that Abraham might...........(OMG not in Germany)............lose, Newman started taking away points for every little borderline thing that Miranda did, just to keep Abraham in the fight. A fight that I thought was very close because I honestly felt that Miranda won almost all the rounds where the points weren't taken away. And even when the points where taken away, from what I remember, I had several 9-9 rounds, because I thought Miranda was winning the majority of the rounds.

Thanks to Satherland and his overt bias and almost illegal involvement in how his fighter's benefit in Germany, who would not be sympathetic about Froch's concerns? However, the tournament does request a majority of neutral officials for all the fights in it.

Froch-Direll is a moot point in this discussion, because it had neutral judges presiding, was a split decision, a very hard to call fight. It was about a 55% to 45% favoring Direll as the winner. (I did score it for Froch 115-113.) Carol just wants neutrality and fairness like he's had going into the tournament, and believes that with Abraham, Satherland, and Germany working against him, he's not gonna get it.

I don't blame Froch for feeling the way he does... He just went about it all wrong and sounded like a btich.
QUOTE (Spyder @ Apr 27 2010, 10:28 AM) *
Awww...poor Carl.

I guess he doesn't like it when the Hometown decision goes against European of him.


Hahaha..No shit..In my eyes he hasn't won a fight in the tournament yet..He needs to quit being a little bitch and man up..
QUOTE (Spyder @ Apr 27 2010, 03:56 PM) *


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