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Full Version: Question about the Jose Sulaiman and the WBC
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Byrd Man
Has there EVER been a decision by the WBC that was NOT Unanimous?

Everytime I read about the WBC making a decision, whether it's some Unobtainum Belt they're giving out, or they are re-upping Sulaiman's tenure as head of the WBC or whatever, it's always a unanimous decision.

What's up with that? Am I missing some decisions that were a split decision or majority decision?

Jack 1000
Good question,

Jose always talks non-stop about how everything he does for the WBC is "for humanity, and the betterment of boxing, how we can do no wrong..." Blah...blah....blah. However, I do applaud the WBC's commitment to fighter safety and international awareness for boxing on the world stage. I think they do a good job at keeping the public informed.

I know that when the Delegates vote, Suliman normally does not vote unless:

1.) There is a tie
2.) He can break a tie with a deciding vote
3.) I think he can also vote to force a tie

But I believe that he can call to order votes of the Executive Council with amendments proposed by him or the other delegates. I do know that Jose Suliman and ONLY Jose Suliman decided to resurrect the 1-point deduction for cut producing headbutts from the "offending" fighter, (Adopted at WBC 1987 Convention) as well as resurrecting the 4th and 8th round Open Scoring in WBC title fights. (Optional Rule Passed at WBC 2006 Convention) My guess is that the voting delegates decided to make it an optional rule, based on the views of whether or not the commission wanted to use it. But it might have been Suliman who ok'd the "opt out" clause for Open Scoring, because I read an interview with him back in 1999 shortly after Holyfield-Lewis I. And he said he supported only partial open scoring (4th and 8th rounds only.) He said, they tried every-round open scoring on a card in Mexico many years ago and the spectators rioted. He said it, "proved to be very dangerous."

That's why initially they only identified the judges as "A", "B", and "C" to the public. I think the judges are now announced by name in jurisdictions that use Open Scoring, not sure though. He said, the WBC would never force Open Scoring on a commission that did not want to use it.

Byrd Man
good info there...

some things I found with a quick google search...

WBC president, Jose Sulaiman, will no longer authorize Mexian boxers to leave their country to fight in Arizona, in accordance with a statement released by the organization today.

Sulaiman's move, which has been agreed to "unanimously" by the WBC Board of Governors, and, the Federation of Boxing Commissions of Mexico, according to the release, which states that the action will go into effect on Saturday, May 1.

The WBC Board of Governors has approved by a unanimous vote that the November 14 welterweight clash between Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto (contract weight 145lbs) will be the first ever for the WBC Diamond Belt.

Along with amateur boxing, the WBC wants to develop novice professional through four, six and eight round tournaments.
The board unanimously supported moving forward with the WBCs planning phase of their entry into amateur boxing world.

The two fighters, however, will meet again as the Board of Governors unanimously voted to ratify the decision for a title rematch.

WBC president Jose Sulaiman has informed Mayol and Romero of the decision and they were given five days to submit a written confirmation for the rematch.

World Boxing Commission president Jose Sulaiman was re-elected
here tonight to another four-year term by the council's Board of Governors.

Sulaiman was unanimously elected in a vote taken at the 38th annual WBC convention
at the El Presidente Hotel.

The WBC decided to create the position of Boxers' Representative on the WBC Board of Governors to represent the interests of boxers and former boxers. Jeff Fenech was unanimously elected.

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