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Full Version: Oscar De La Hoya Comeback.
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I personally would not mind seeing him fight again for a few reasons.

1- He certainly should not go out the way he did against Pac as a weight drained fighter, must fight at 154.

2- He does generate some interest in the sport, and he usually is in some entertaining scraps.

3- Not enough big names anymore, would like to see him fight a few more times.

4- I do not think he is finished or ruined, he probably still has a few good fights in him.

5- There are some pretty good fights that could be made at 154 with Oscar.

So what do you think? Crazy for him to comeback? Or a good idea to get back in the mix. Does he even want to fight anymore?
Low risk, big paycheck.

Take a tuneup, maybe two, then have a HUGE fight with Ricky Hatton.

Not a big deal, really, but would generate an obscene amount of money and interest for various reasons.
QUOTE (Fitz @ May 7 2010, 01:15 AM) *
As for the bolded part, who knows. He may have something left physically, I don't know. But even if he is alright physically and has something to offer, he doesn't have the hunger/desire anymore. Which is even worse than being done physically IMO at times.

I hear you, the mental aspect is far more important then the physical aspect. But I was thinking being off this long he might be regenerated and got some of his hunger back to compete again. Especially to erase his last pathetic performance.
QUOTE (ViperSniper @ May 7 2010, 01:41 AM) *
I have zero interest in seeing him fight little own promote a fight.

I think this one of the problems with boxing today, with too many bad quality PPV used up for old greedy past it fighters rather than the young hungry fighters who should be getting the much needed attention. I don't think recycling already recycled over the hill greats is the answer to the future of boxing. Maybe they should start giving the PPV/24/7 treatment to the younger guys at 140 if they want a stable future in boxing instead of unmotivated former greats.

It's bad enough the big guys don't know when to retire, but the fact they still get the lime light & media attention is wrong. De La Hoya was past it against Mayweather, old & horrible against FORBES & unforgivable against Pacman. ONLY because of the power De La Hoya has & nothing with what he did to earn them, did we these high profile exhibition fights against the much younger top fighters, instead of seeing proper fights.

I have no interest in seeing guys like De La Hoya, Hopkins & Jones continue fighting while giving horrible efforts while making a fucking killing!
(Just the thought of De la Hoya making some bullshit excuse on how he has a new desire to fight again with that cheesy TV smile of his on any future 24/7 would be sickening to watch).

Great post, though we don't think alike on the subject. It is a good way to look at it in a different perspective.
I would say yes. De La Hoya always put on a show, even if he gets dominated. I wouldn't mind seeing a De La Hoya-Cotto match-up at 154 or De La Hoya-Morales at 147 on HBO of course. None of that PPV shit i.e. Jones-Hopkins.
QUOTE (Fitz @ May 6 2010, 11:15 PM) *

I think I just saw the banner.
I wouldn't Mind seeing Oscar fight again... but NOT on PPV...
you know my motto "IF ITS FREE ITS FOM ME" ;-)
King Eugene
I dont care to see DLH, Jones Jr., or Jeff Lacy fight again along with a few others. Out of the three I feel DLH has more left at 154 or higher. Anything below is out of the question. Hell he and Hatton could do big numbers but I'm not sure Hatton could make 154 at this point.
Stick him in with a monster puncher at 160 I say. Something where he will suffer not only humiliation but his chin will allow him to take many big punches for my entertainment.
I wanna see Oscar come back because I want him to go out better than the way he went out against Pacquiao. Stay at 154....with a tune up and a retirement fight against a big name but less risk opponent.
Oscar WILL fight again...mark my words!
I don't think it would make much sense because who can he fight at 154 and hope to beat??..

Martinez embarasses him. P-Will would slap him around. Margarito's cheatin ass would probably stop him too. Angulo KO's him. Kirkland, provided he comes back would beat him. Cotto would beat him. Foreman would probably decision him in a snooze fest. We all know what happened with Mayweather and Pacquiao.

Again, makes no sense. These guys are younger than him now and Oscar can't dedicate time to the sport now the way he did then with his promotion company and all.

Maybe a fight with Chavez Jr would be a smash but what if he loses that one to the young upstart kid??... Jr is not even that good but he's younger, bigger and stronger. And even if Oscar was to beat him, he wouldn't get any credit. Just alot of money.

Oscar had a great career, but he probably called it off in time. He shouldn't ruin it.

I don't think Oscar will fight again. It's been about two years, and he has shown no inclination that he's returning. He seems to be enjoying his retirement from fighting, and he's busy promoting. I just don't see him coming out of retirement when he's already making money and enjoying his life. Also, I don't think he's finished physically and he did give Mayweather Jr. the most competitive fight he's had in the last 4-5 years. However, he doesn't have it mentally, or it was beat out of him against Pacquiao in 2008.
As soon as he retired, I said he'd be back at some point. The post has to be around here somewhere.

We all know the song and dance. The competitive fire is still there. He loves the sport so much. There are fights out there for him. Somebody said something about somebody's baby's mama and/or her bastard kid that isn't getting a check. The Easter Bunny spoke to him during an acid trip and told him to come back and fight Chavez Jr. just to piss off the rest of Mexico. Fishnets aren't as cheap as they used to be. Blah blah blah. We get it.

It's going to happen. It's just a matter of against who, when, where, and how they're going to manage to swindle people into paying through the nose to see it. de la Hoya-Hatton would be a monster, especially if it was held in Britain (which would never happen). Even a fight with Morales would do big business. My money is on a fight with Chavez Jr., maybe after a tune-up or two. Let's face it... GBP's biggest and best promotions have been de la Hoya fights for the most part, have they not?

He may be a first-class jackass but Oscar is a shrewd business man. He's just like Arum. He knows what is best for his bank account and he'll do it. If he got people to pay fifty bucks to watch him whitewash Yory Boy Campas and fight Felix Sturm, he knows what kind of numbers a 'comeback' will do.

The clock is ticking. The result is inevitable.
Actually, the Forbes fight was on regular HBO, and I think HBO lost a good sum of money on it since they did a countdown show as well.

It's been almost two years, and there is no inclination to a comeback. He's still making money with his promotional company, and he'll continue to make money promoting big fights. He's got a good little thing going with HBO, and until that goes away he's not fighting. Chavez Jr. is going to get knocked out against Duddy anyway, so that fight will not be there after this summer. Who knows what Morales will do now...he didn't look very good in his last fight. Plus, I don't see Oscar getting down to 147 again, and I don't see Morales going anywhere above 147. That fight won't get made. I could be completely wrong though, and maybe he'll come back and sucker everybody into paying 59.95 (inflation setting in once he comes back, and the economy recovering) and 69.95 in HD to watch him fight some washed up fuck.
QUOTE (KYLE THEEE SPINKS FAN @ May 7 2010, 02:02 PM) *
It's been almost two years, and there is no inclination to a comeback. He's still making money with his promotional company, and he'll continue to make money promoting big fights. He's got a good little thing going with HBO, and until that goes away he's not fighting.

He's not fat yet. That alone gives me good reason to believe that he's contemplating a comeback. Obviously, there's no rush, but after seeing Shane Mosley's performance against Mayweather, he's got to be feeling good about what he accomplished...not to mention, as a fighter, the more you're around the fight game, the more you want to fight. Plus, with Mosley and Hopkins pretty much dried up as far as big fights are concerned, there aren't too many big events left out there for Golden Boy. I mean, if you think about it, what fighter at Golden Boy Promotions is actually PPV worthy right now?


The minute that Golden Boy starts struggling for money, Oscar will fight again...mark my words...and given the wide gap between old star power and new star power, that might be a lot sooner than you think.

Boy, it's going to be tough for Saul Alvarez to make a name for himself if there's no big names left in the welterweight division for him to fight.

QUOTE (KYLE THEEE SPINKS FAN @ May 7 2010, 02:02 PM) *
Actually, the Forbes fight was on regular HBO, and I think HBO lost a good sum of money on it since they did a countdown show as well.

I don't know why I said Forbes. I meant Sturm. I fixed it.
Mean Mister Mustard
For his own good, he should stay retired. 140 pounder Steve Forbes busted his face up and any decent Jr middleweight will do the same or worse. However it would not surprise me to see Hype's scenario happen.

I have a question: Does Mayweather have to pay GB as if they were his promoters?
I think De La Hoya should fight a farewell fight. I don't believe he should fight a top contender though, but a decent matchup where he aint fighting hard to cut weight.
Stay retired Oscar....
I just can not see him going out like he did against Pac. I'm with Hype and the others who believe he will fight again.
King Eugene
QUOTE (Lil-lightsout @ May 8 2010, 03:57 AM) *
I just can not see him going out like he did against Pac. I'm with Hype and the others who believe he will fight again.

I'm pretty sure he can spank Mosley and they both ride off into the sunset into retirement holding hands.
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