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Full Version: Zaghe and Fedor
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What do they have in common. They beat you at your own game. Hopkins wants to play it rough Zaghe shags him like a sheep and make him take knees for invisible low shots and what not. Wanna clown Roy, well you got thoroughly outclowned. Want to bang Lacy, you got outbanged. Kessler wants to be a surgeon, he gets operated on. Sakio Bika thinks he makes for the ugliest fights next to Hopkins, not when you fight the Italina Dragon you don't.

Now Fedor, you get him a kickboxer like Cro Cop he out kickboxes him, poor Mirco tries to take him down and eats more leather on the ground. Imagine a kickboxer getting kicked and punch by a sambo fighter that he wants to take it to the ground and Mirco isn't your average kickboxer, he was really good, a champion of smth.
Noguera is a jui-jitzo (I owuld never learn to spell that among other many thigns) guy right, well Fedor went right into his guard and I don't know dismantled him in 3 fights or were they more. Rogers wants to bang, Roger got his lights banged out. Arlowski want to be a boxer, good luck with that, maybe next time you'll stick to the game plan for more than 4 minutes. Randleman wants to wrestle, he gets submitted and he was on his back.

Who makes better adjustments than Fedor and Zaghe and beat you at your own game despite looking out of shape.
TPR (The Pudgy Russian) is the hero of fat, balding white dudes around the globe (including this one).
Fedor is a bad motherfucker.

Calslappy is a coke sniffing faggot.
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