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Full Version: Rampage / Evans quotes
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Check out some of the comments made by Rampage and Rashad Evans over the last few weeks. I'm actually starting to look forward to this fight now. laugh.gif

Rampage's comments after Evans beat one of his (injured) team-mates, Hector Ramirez, in June 2004.

"Rashad was still dancing around playing with his nipples back then with them little tight shorts on acting like he was doing something." Jackson went on to say "He came asking me, 'Hey, man, I want to come train with you." I thought it was real disrespectful because he fought my teammate in the tournament and he disrespected him by talking about his wrestling and dancing around. [I said], 'I don't want to train with you, man. You just disrespected my teammate.'"

Evans on Rampage

"He was my favorite fighter," Evans said. "He was my dude. He really was one of the dudes, I was like, 'Man, I want to get into fighting.' When he got his ass whooped by Wanderlei (Silva), that kind of crushed me. But still, he was still my dude."

Rampage on their burgeoning feud

"Everything was cool until he got in my face after the Jardine fight," Jackson said. "He real cocky; [He's] got the belt. He's the man, he's knocked out Chuck (Liddell). Then he knocked out this other fat guy with a head kick, so he feel like he's the man. His head is filling like a hot air balloon. So I come in the cage and I just did my job and fight his teammate, and he was supposed to be the one in the cage.

"Then, I watched the pay-per-view and he commentating on my fight, talking bad about me the whole time I'm fighting. I'm like, this guy's got some nerve. That's when I stopped liking him, right then and there. I didn't want to have nothing to do with him."

Evans on their upcoming fight

"I'm not saying I'll be like, 'Oh, man, I hate his ass, I'll never like him,'" Evans said today. "If he whoop me, or if I whoop him, I'm sure we'll probably fight again, and I'm sure we'll probably pick up right where we left off. But for the most part, after the fight, we'll probably be cool for a minute."

Rampage on their upcoming fight

"I'm a grown-ass man," he said. "This is a sport to me, this is how I get paid. But this is the first time I'm going to actually going to enjoy beating the hell out of somebody."

“A win over Rashad would be like a moral victory for me,” Jackson said. “Rashad doesn’t have a title. He couldn’t even hold onto the belt. It’s almost like I’m asking myself why I’m even fighting this guy. But then I did ‘TUF’ and now I know why. If you aren’t on the same level as someone, you should keep your mouth shut. This guy isn’t on my level. I defended my title. I don’t like the way he talks to me. He’s real fake and real cocky. For someone who hasn’t really done much in this sport…”


“Who am I to fight him? Who the (expletive) is he to fight me? I beat Forrest (Griffin), you lost to him,” interrupted Evans. “Just because you’re black, stop acting stupid. I can’t stand that attitude. Rampage does his same old thing like black-on-black crime. He just acts like he doesn’t know what’s going on for comedy. I’ve talked to him before. He’s a smart guy. He just acts stupid.”


“At the end of the day on May 29, you know that you’re getting your ass kicked,” Jackson responded. “You go home and open your own gym and coach because you’re a good coach. You ain’t a fighter, homie. A guy like you with a glass jaw shouldn’t be talking as much as you are talking.”


“I have a glass jaw? I remember you getting rocked with a straight right hand going up against the cage against (Keith) Jardine,” Evans said. “You got a glass jaw. You’ve been knocked out many times and you were on queer street when you fought Jardine. You’re going to quit. What about the ‘Shogun’ (Mauricio Rua) fight? You quit. You sat in the corner and gave up. You were still talking while you were asleep.”


“When I fought Jardine, I had a hurt jaw. That’s why I took that time off,” Jackson countered. “You were on queer street a long time when you fought (Thiago) Silva. You had jiggly legs and all. It was like you were gettin’ jiggy with it.”

Evans, on why he doesn't like Rampage

"He just says ignorant stuff." Evans said at the UFC 114 teleconference. "It's like that last comment," Evans says, directly to Rampage.
"You perpetuate stupidness. 'Oh don't use those big words, I don't know what that is,' mother[expletive], you're not stupid, stop acting like you're stupid. Stop acting like just because you black, you stupid. I can't stand that attitude."

"He does this little sambo thing. 'Oh black on black crime, oh I'm stupid. You can't use big words like that.' Like you don't know what the [expletive] is going on? Come on dude. I talked to this dude. This dude is pretty smart. He knows what's going on. 'Oh, it's comedy.' But why perpetuate the stereotype that you stupid?" Evans continues.

Jackson's response?

"Why you act all cocky and all fake? Be playing with your nipples and act all gay," said Jackson. "Why do you play up the stereotype of a black gay man?" Then Jackson asked Evans why he wears tiny shorts into the Octagon when he fights. "Cause you gay. You play with your nipples," said Jackson.


"I'll put my big balls in your face. Now that sounds gay. My big balls right in your face," said Evans."


"I bet you get an [expletive] from it too," said Jackson.


"I probably will. But it'll be okay, cause it'll be in your mouth," said Evans.

Rampage on fighting Shogun WTF???

“I was young, I was a kid, full of myself. I felt like Shogun he ain’t never fought nobody, he can’t hurt me. I can still take this fight even though I was injured cause I was all about making that money, and it ended up costing me,” he recounted.

Evans, of course, responds

“At least I won’t quit, like you did when you was going against Shogun,” Rashad shouted. “You quit, just laying there like a little sucker in the corner.”

WOW. I think Rashad actually did the better trash-talking here. That shit about Rampage getting knocked out by Shogun and still stalking was hilarious. laugh.gif
I like both guys in the ring. I used to hate Evans but after watching him go head to head with Rampage on TUF I really warmed to him & started to dislike Rampage. The way Rampage acted when all his fighters lost was pathetic & largely down to his lack of coaching ability & leadership qualities.

This is one I will just sit back and watch. I like both guys. The shit talk has even the casual fans interested, so lets hope they don't pull a Koscheck/Sanchez and respect the hell out of one another once the cage door gets closed!
ive been waiting on this fight... i will be ordering this one... i hope dana white does the undercard justice.... true grudge here...
QUOTE (STEVENSKI @ May 20 2010, 08:29 AM) *
I like both guys in the ring. I used to hate Evans but after watching him go head to head with Rampage on TUF I really warmed to him & started to dislike Rampage. The way Rampage acted when all his fighters lost was pathetic & largely down to his lack of coaching ability & leadership qualities.

Ditto. I was never a huge Evans fan either. Not because of what he did on TUF, because honestly, I haven't watched TUF since TUF 1. I didn't like Evans simply because he was a wrestler, a pure wrestler, just the kind of fighter I hate.

But then I saw him (and a bunch of other Greg Jackson fighters) come to the ring twisting their nipples and shit, and I thought it was hilarious. GSP did it all inconspicuously, where you was like "Did he....? Naa. Couldn't be." But Rashad was all licking fingers and shit before hand, lol. laugh.gif And then he knocked out Chuck Liddell! Since then he's been okay in my book.

I also really like the way he's handling himself against Rampage. He's giving just as good, if not better, than he's taking. (Don't know if it will happen the same way in the fight.)

As for Rampage, well, I've always liked Rampage... in the ring. Sadly though, he's regressed in my opinion. He's basically just a glorified boxer now. He looks great fighting guys who will just stand in front of him. (Liddell, Silva III). In Pride he was a much more rounded fighter with nasty slams and nasty G'n'P.

Whoever wins this fight, I really don't care. I just hope it is exciting. I'm actually, at this point, picking Evans to win by upset. If he commits to leg kicks and take-downs, I can see him eeking out an ugly, unpopular victory.
Haha, here are some niced gifs of the nipple tweaks. laugh.gif

GSP "Turnin' up da riddum!" and playing it off

Rashad Evans - A little more obvious
lloyd mayflower
Warlord, whats the nipple tweaking thing about?
QUOTE (lloyd mayflower @ May 20 2010, 07:33 PM) *
Warlord, whats the nipple tweaking thing about?

Like I said earlier, it's something all Greg Jackson's fighters do. He claims he didn't invent it though. According to him, and to Rashad, GSP was the first fighter to tweak his nips before the fight. God knows why. GSP is a funny dude. He might've been doing it because he's a pretty boy, or more likely, because he thought it might get him "excited" for the fight. Who knows. laugh.gif

After that, some of the other fighters in GSP's camp started giving him a hard time about it, so Rashad went and did it too. And he knocked out Chuck Liddell! So then all the Greg Jackson fighters started doing it. GSP, Evans, Keith Jardine, and Leonard Garcia.

laugh.gif I think it's funny as shit. I might tweak myself this morning before I walk out the door. I'll let you guys know the results later. laugh.gif
Greg Jackson's Camp - Turnin' up da riddum!

Georges St-Pierre

Action: Turned up da riddum

Result: GSP by TKO

Rashad Evans

Action: Turned up da riddum

Result: Rashad by KO

Keith Jardine

Action: Turned up da riddum

Result: Jardine by Dec.

(Jardine forgot to lick his fingers first. That's why he only won by Decision.)

As stated, I'm gonna tweak myself before I walk out the door today. I recommend you guys do the same. Post the results later.)
This is what happened, btw, when Jardine went in to the ring, untweaked:

lloyd mayflower
Warlord, I am currently on a 12 hour nightshift, finishing at 0630. At 0745 I will be driving north for one hour to one of the finest golf courses in the land and attempt to play a round. I will tweak my nipples beforehand. If tweaking nipples can prevent me (an atrocious golfer at the best of times) from taking a WW1 sized trench out the first tee and causing my four man party to be ejected promptly, I will be forever converted. Results to follow in a few hours.
QUOTE (lloyd mayflower @ May 20 2010, 09:07 PM) *
Warlord, I am currently on a 12 hour nightshift, finishing at 0630. At 0745 I will be driving north for one hour to one of the finest golf courses in the land and attempt to play a round. I will tweak my nipples beforehand. If tweaking nipples can prevent me (an atrocious golfer at the best of times) from taking a WW1 sized trench out the first tee and causing my four man party to be ejected promptly, I will be forever converted. Results to follow in a few hours.

Excellent! I will also post updates as well. laugh.gif
lloyd mayflower
Well I forgot the nipple tweak, and shot a 124. So the theory is still on track. Wonder what I would have shot if I had remembered it
QUOTE (lloyd mayflower @ May 21 2010, 11:20 AM) *
Well I forgot the nipple tweak, and shot a 124. So the theory is still on track. Wonder what I would have shot if I had remembered it

Well I did it, and had some pretty interesting results. I woke up around 8:00am, had a little breakfast, and then followed it up with a tweak. (I forgot to lick my fingers first. I'll try it again tomorrow.)

Before 11:00am even rolled around I'd nearly gotten into two fights, both right back-to-back. I'm sitting on the subway, and as I stand up to get off, this nerdy little Chinese dude (They're all nerds) tries to hurry up and squeeze past me into my seat, but goddamn it, I hadn't even taken 2 steps before he's all touching me and shit. So I shove his ass really fucking hard, because I've been living here 3 years and I can't stand that shit anymore. Chinese people suck in every way possible, and one reason being because they have no concept of personal space. AT ALL.

So I shove his ass and he nearly falls down, but his girlfriend who is standing behind him catches his nerd-ass. But, of course, he doesn't have the balls to say shit to me. Chinese people are real passive-aggressive little pussies. They'll do shit behind your back, but never to your face. So he now waits properly for me to exit my seat and put some distance between us before trying to take the seat again. (He sat down. Chinese dudes have no concept of giving a seat up to a lady. And then they wonder why the fuck "laowai" are railing more Chinese pussy than Chinese dudes.)

The next near-miss happens within seconds. I'm still pissed, and I totally forsee what is going to happen before it does. The other thing about stupid Chinese? They can't wait for people to get off the subway before they themselves start trying to get on. Really. And it's a huge fucking problem when you've got 2 or 3 people trying to get off the subway, and, like a million fucking square-headed morons trying to get on. All at the same fucking time.

Some I'm like fucking, you know, Maximus from Gladiator, standing at the cage door knowing the guy on the other end is swinging a spiked ball on a chain, and that I'm gonna have to fuck a mother-fucker up as soon as the fucking door opens.

And sure enough - BOOM! The doors open, and this fucking square-headed, stinking, pimple-bellied, sun-burned to hell, rice farmer with a huge fucking rainbow-colored bag on his back starts trying to force his way on just as SOON as the door opens. And, incidentally, makes the slightest contact with me as he's doing it. So I just fucking LAY into his ass. I hit him with a shoulder so hard that he drops his bag and does a 180. He lets out this really hurt sound, like he can't believe what just happened. And he has this hurt look on his face too, like I really crushed his feelings. He says something in his crude excuse for a language, but I ain't having it. I know I'm an asshole, but I just say "FUCK YOU" because I'm so pissed and I hop out of the subway because the doors are closing and I don't want to miss my stop.

So at this point, I'm like, well this shit ain't working. The nipple-tweak ain't working. Not for me.

I take the escalator up, and as I'm crossing the street, something special happens. Reason #3 why I hate China, and Chinese people. The light is clearly green. It's the little green light of the little green man whose very image indicates it is time for little walkers to cross the little street. And of course, traffic rules in China are not rules at all. They're suggestions. At best. This is a country where motorcycles ride down the wrong way on a sidewalk and then blow their horns at people for being in the way.

Anyway, the light is green, and as I'm crossing the street this taxi driver gets right up on me and starts blowing his horn. Like I'm doing something fucking wrong. Man I just turn and give him the finger, shouting obscenities that shouldn't be too hard to imagine. Of course, as you may well guess, he elects to lay off the horn and STFU, looking down at his dashboard as if he's just discovered something new and interesting there.

So I've decided that the nipple-tweak... just isn't for me. You know? Obviously. So I go into the office, and later that day, I meet this little girl who I've met once or twice before in the office. Young chick, 15 or 16. Maybe 17. It's hard to tell with Asian girls. And so she comes up to me all shy and shit, talking about whatever the fuck kids talk about. And she starts dropping the hints. You know, how teenagers and adults can be friends.

I know, I say.

Telling me how her parents are out of town, and she's all alone.

Oh really, I say.

How she might just hug her pillow to sleep tonight, because she feels so lonely.

Interesting, my penis whispers. Oh, that's so sad, I tell her.

Do I ever chat on QQ, she asks. (A cheap Chinese rip-off of MSN.)

No, not really, I inform her.

Do you have email, she asks.

Yes, I tell her.

Can I have it, she asks. Maybe we can talk by email sometimes.


And so on, and so forth. Now, I'm a married guy, so I didn't take her up on the offer she was so clearly making. I did "accidentally" grope her ass, and she did make some "incidental" contact, but that was all there was to it.

So even though I didn't score, I was pretty satisfied that I could have. And then I thought, tomorrow I'll lick my fingers before I tweak, and then see what happens.

Results to follow.
King Eugene

Now that was funny and interesting at the same time. I'll be looking forward to reading the follow up.
Here you go guys.
QUOTE (pcraw @ May 25 2010, 07:35 PM) *

Saw that this morning. Good stuff, Percy.

I have to admit, Rashad is growing on me. Not as a fighter, but a personality. I really never cared for him much, but the way he's handled himself over the last few months is pretty admirable in my eyes. I actually think he's kind of gotten into Rampage's head a little bit. Most of Rampage's opponents don't bother to sling shit with Quinton, because, well, it's Quinton. He's always been like that.

Rashad has not only elected to get down and sling shit, but I think he's actually come out on top.

I'm getting this feeling that he might pull off the upset. If Rampage comes in and decides he only wants to box, as he has been doing lately, Rashad is well-rounded enough that he might just make Quinton pay for it.

Hell, I don't care either way. If it's a good fight, that's all you can ask for.
What's the line on this fight?
Rampage by KO stoppage is my prediction. This fight will be a bore fest up until the KO.

Evans will need to bore this fight out completely, score and stay out of harms way and win on pts in a boring decision.

He'd be a fool to try and trade with rampage. A fool.
I like Rashad in this one.
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