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Full Version: The A-Team
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Not that it matters, I would've seen it no matter what, but I've read a lot of good reviews about the new A-Team movie. I'm stoked, gonna see it on the 28th. (That's when it comes out in Commie-land.)

Anyone else gonna check this bad boy out?
I prob will. Not sure if Ill see it in theaters, but that dude Brad Cooper from my neck of the woods, friends with a bunch of good friends of mine, so I'll check it out.

Plus Liam Nieson, dude. Can't beat that as Hanibal Smith.
lloyd mayflower
Has anyone ever seen Liam Neeson in a film where he wasnt absolutely hard as fuck? Think about some of the roles he has played over the years, he has been Rob Roy, he has been a jedi master, the guy he played in taken was uber hard, and he recently played fuckin ZEUS! P4P hardest man in cinema. Callin that right now
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