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Full Version: Bantamweight tournament anyone???
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After reading Hype's article regarding a theoretical super six tourney involving fighters from the heavyweight division, it made me think about possibilities in other divisions. Alot of attention has been garnered in regards to the possibility of a tournament in the jr.welter , but how about a tourney with the top 4 BANTAMWEIGHT fighters???

Since the lower weight classes get limited exposure despite the many exciting fights that occur below the welterweight division, I would love to see a tournament occur at the bantamweight division. It's easily one of the most underrated divisions in boxing and with Donaire almost certain to move up to bantamweight after his upcoming fight, a 4 fighter tournament at bantamweight is very legitimate. The series could be hosted by Showtime as Donaire, Montiel and Darchinyan have headlined fights on the network before and there is alot of depth to choose from when deciding thethe 4th member. My pick would go to undefeated IBF champ Yohnny Perez, but if he were unable to be apart you could still include one of the folowing fighters: Hozumi Hasegawa, Abner Mares, Anselmo Moreno, Nehomar Cermeno, Joseph Agbeko, Eric Morel or Jorge Arce.

A 4 fighter tournament would be less time consuming than the super six tourny and makes it possible for a fighter who goes winless in the round robin to make the tournament final. Each fighter would fight each other once in the round robin tournament and after the round robin the fighters would be ranked from 1st to 4th based on win-loss ratio. In the semis the 1st place fighter would fight the 4th place fighter, 2nd would fight 3rd and the winners from the semis go on to face each other in the final.

Like most fight fans, The possibility of seeing Donaire vs Darchinyan II (maybe even III), Montiel vs Darch/Donaire etc is definitely a salivating thought. Even those not familiar with the fighters can quickly become fans as each has there own exciting/fan friendly style.

what do u guys think
King Eugene
Can we get all the tournament topics into one thread?
QUOTE (King Eugene @ Jun 23 2010, 06:43 AM) *
Can we get all the tournament topics into one thread?

that would be nice and maybe even come up with a middleweight tourney as well... thats about to becme a wasteland here pretty soon...
QUOTE (SmartyBeardo @ Jun 24 2010, 12:01 AM) *
Good idea. Just drop the round robin part, MC.

A round robin is needed or else it'd be too difficult to determine who should be ranked #1-4 without avoiding controversy and debate
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