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Full Version: JuanMa Lopez Vs Rafael Marquez
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Big Boy over at ESPN is reporting this fight... JuanMa has to win his next fight (which he will) before the fight becomes official.


There's a previous thread on this, you even posted in it:

Shit sounds like a instant classic to me...mexico vs puerto rico enuff said...
like i said in the other thread on this fight im goinig with my dawg marquez!!!! he's old school and hardened....
Mean Mister Mustard
Good fight. Marquez showed he still has enough left to take out a seemingly past his prime Vazquez but will it be enough against JML? I always enjoyed Rafa's combos, power and skill but his fights always leave me on the edge of my seat because he can be hurt at any moment. In addition, his defense seems to have a lot of holes. Personally, I don't like that stance that Nacho Berenstein teaches his fighters, I feel it leaves them open to straight punches. JML is an extremely accurate puncher and this could be a disaster for Marquez.

Concepcion seems a bit raw in terms of mechanics but he makes up for it with his athleticism and power so JML has to get past him first.
QUOTE (Snoop @ Jun 25 2010, 05:18 PM) *
There's a previous thread on this, you even posted in it:

LOL... My Badd. I totally forgot about that thread. Maybe one of the mods can merge the topics.
Lopez is going to shine in this fight. He will be tested, but I think we are all going to see what he is made of in this fight.
QUOTE (D-MARV @ Jun 25 2010, 10:41 PM) *
LOL... My Badd. I totally forgot about that thread. Maybe one of the mods can merge the topics.

All good. I think the fight is worth bringing up again. For whatever reason, people seem to be sleeping on it. I think it's a good test for Lopez. Marquez is on the way out IMO, but not without a fight.
Yeah can't waite for this one. Marquez is slightly past his prime but still has enough left to make this a war. I say Lopez takes it but wouldn't be suprised to see Marquez stop him either.
marquez baby!!!
This is a mismatch. Marquez will brutalize Lopez.
Marquez by KO in 8! Its gonna be a war, but I think Marquez is the better boxer.
lloyd mayflower
Not sure who will win but 100% would like to see Rafa win this one. Wouldnt do Lopez too much harm to get beat at this stage by a legend at the twilight of his career. Would be nice to see Marquez land one last big win before he retires, which surely cant be far away.
Lopez by TKO after 6.
Lopez is going to tear the shopworn Marquez up.

I think the Vazquez fight is giving some a false sense of what Marquez has left...Vazquez was totally shot, Marquez is close to shot. After the Juanma fight, he will be shot.
Juanma is overrated...Marquez will KO him late.
I think Lopez is going to become a star after this fight. This is a fight where the torch will be passed on. Marquez is an old fighter, and he looked good against an even older fighter. I think the true affect of Marquez's fights with Vazquez will come out here. Lopez is a damn good fighter, and he's beaten some good fighters as well. It could be a good fight, but I see Lopez being one step ahead of Marquez.
i agree that this could be a really good fight for lopez. marquez is a little chinny and he's stepping up against a hungry, young fighter. marquez was getting wobbled at 118 and was in danger of being ko'd in the first three fights with vazquez. i think lopez's size, youth, and skill will be too much for marquez at this stage in his career.
I like this fight. A step up for Lopez. They both been wobbled before. Lopez should win with his size, power and ring smarts, although Maqrquez is very crafty too. The size might make the difference here for Lopez. But Marquez has the experience to fight smart. Dam, I can't wait for this one. This is gonna show what level Lopez is really at. He proved me wrong against DeLeon, and Lopez to win this one, one way or another.Possible fight of the year right here !
Is this fight really in the works??I seriously hope so..I'm a big fan of both so it doesn't matter to me who wins..It's a big step up for JuanMa but he is due for it in my opinion..To me,this is a fight of the year worthy fight if it happens..Lots of action..
I like how this board is split down the middle on this one. Could we get a poll started?
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