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Full Version: Pavlik staying at 160 possibly..
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Its clear to me that Team Pavlik is not that confident going into a division as loaded as 168. First their were excuses about Pavlik being weak from the weight and they turned down a rematch with Sergio. Now they determine that he might not move up.

I think KP is done, my friends. He could probably beat a Felix Sturm or Arthur Abraham but he would lose to Martinez again and P-Will beats him as well. And the likes of Bute, Dirrell, Ward, and Kessler would beat him pretty bad.

Its all downhill from here for him.
LMAO at beating Abraham... Pavlik can forget that. Abraham KO's him in 4
Man...if you are not even confident about where you are fighting, odds are, you are fucked.
The reason I give him a shot at Abraham is because AA's workrate is so low and he wouldn't pressure Pavlik which would give KP a chance to put rounds in the bank.

That said, I woulnd't be the least bit shocked if Abraham knocks Pavlik the fuk out. But Pavlik has shown a decent chin I feel. Better than Jermain Taylor.
Ex takes another soul...
Ha.. THis kid needs to hand em up.. i never really like Pavlik because Felix was pretty much always stiiting out there, and they never persuade a fight with him... He did have a title
QUOTE (mrwigi @ Jul 7 2010, 12:08 PM) *
Ha.. THis kid needs to hand em up.. i never really like Pavlik because Felix was pretty much always stiiting out there, and they never persuade a fight with him... He did have a title

Felix WHO?
I agree with method, when talking about how great Hopkins is that is just another stat too put out there that shows his greatness. I mean the dude straight ruins fighters. Let's be honest people! The Ghost has never been the same since his one-sided beat down from B-Hop. This man is definitly one of the greatest and Pavlik isn't the first fighter he has ruined. As for the other 168 pounders in mentioned in this post I agree that Pavlik loses to all of them if he moves up as well as I would take Martinez in the rematch and take P-Will as well over the Ghost.
I honestly could careless about Pavlik right now. He definitely lost his edge and he will probably be someone that never gets his stuff back together. It's like he is just going threw the motions now.
Felix Sturm

QUOTE (Method @ Jul 7 2010, 01:50 PM) *
Felix WHO?

Ahh. OK.
Big Slim Sweet
I've heard Pavlik's a serious coke head, and the sole reason he keeps Jack Loew around is because he lets him get away with it.
Bob Probert is probably the baddest motherfucker ever. I'd take Probert over EITHER Klitchko.
Big Slim Sweet
No question about it.
QUOTE (Big Slim Sweet @ Jul 7 2010, 02:43 PM) *
I've heard Pavlik's a serious coke head, and the sole reason he keeps Jack Loew around is because he lets him get away with it.

LMAO I heard that he and Calzaghe are friends and the reason Cal and his trainer trashed him before the Hopkins bout is because he stole some of the best blow they produce in Wales from Calzaghe's house LMAO just joking but on the REAL...

When I was in Detroit I saw Probert coming out of Joe Louis Arena at 1am... he offered me and my man some coke... We turned it down but asked him if he had weed... Dude pulled out some of that good ole white boy shit and threw it at me and kept it moving. His look was like damned... you don't want none of this shit I got... LOL
QUOTE (Big Slim Sweet @ Jul 7 2010, 02:43 PM) *
I've heard Pavlik's a serious coke head, and the sole reason he keeps Jack Loew around is because he lets him get away with it.

I heard he likes to hit up the bars and drink the night away but thats the first I've heard about coke.
Pavlik should just fight the winner or loser of Williams-Martinez II. Williams possibly easier challenge of the two but he still losses that fight, IMO.

I know I am in the minority here.... but there is nothing wrong with Pavlik. Him and his team are a bunch of idiots when it comes to career decisions but he is still a very capable fighter.

He was winning the fight against Martinez until he got that terrible cut. Martinez seized the opportunity and laid it on him. He has 2 losses against quality opponents. He's never been knocked out.

He's still a quality fighter.
I agree with Fitz. Pavlik definitely lost a step. Hops took something out of him... mentally.
QUOTE (Fitz @ Jul 9 2010, 09:21 PM) *
I disagree with you if memory serves me correctly. Martinez embarrassed him early in the fight and was winning easily. In the middle rounds, Pavlik was able to win some middles one and then he got out worked, and clowned in the last few rounds. I think I probably scored the first 4 to Martinez, next 4 to Pavlik and last 4 to Martinez. Pavlik had a little run in the middle rounds, though not dominating the way Martinez won his rounds.
Just believe me on this one Keith. Pavlik is no good, his self esteem is at an all time low because of what Hopkins done to him, he makes excuses about not being able to make 160 and then says he may stay at 160.
He is in the meltdown process, and ducked Paul Williams two times. He isn't a capable fighter, he is a B- type fighter at best.

I agree with your assessment of the fight. I had it 4-4... but Pavlik had the kd so he would of been winning the fight at that point. So what I said was true then even from your point of view. He couldnt deal with the cut and he crumbled in the last 3rd of the fight. That probably speaks to the point your making about his confidence and self esteem being poor.

So..... I will trust you on this one. Pavlik is not what he was or could have been.
QUOTE (Lil-lightsout @ Jul 9 2010, 09:31 PM) *
I agree with Fitz. Pavlik definitely lost a step. Hops took something out of him... mentally.

I think he's done.

He's just not committed to the sport anymore.

After the Hopkins fight, he hasn't looked good in any of his fights.

I think he should retire honestly. He's still young and he's got his facilities intact. Seems like a decent dude.

I think he's got nothing to gain at 168 and at 160, he still loses to either of Martinez or Williams. Maybe he could beat Sturm. But I just don't see what else is left for him.
Pavlik is a dead duck.

Over-achieved but done some good stuff - now he's done. Needs to get out of the game.
King Eugene
Pavlik might Return Against Chavez Jr.

Former middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik's return to the ring could come against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in the main event of a pay-per-view card, and if Top Rank promoter Bob Arum has his way, it will take place at Cowboys Stadium, he told on Tuesday.

"That's the fight we are looking to do," Arum said.

Arum hoped to make a deal with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for the fight to take place on Dec. 4. However, the stadium is scheduled to host the Dr. Pepper Big 12 Championship football game that day, meaning the bout would have happen on another date, possibly early next year. Arum did not realize until later Tuesday that the game conflicted with the date he had in mind for the fight.

"Jerry is dying to do it but I got a little conflict. December 4th is the Big 12 championship game, so we're looking another date and so forth," Arum said. "So maybe we have to go into next year. December is just a month on the calendar. We'll find a date. But that fight is the goal and the goal is to do it at Cowboys Stadium. When I found out the football game was December 4th, I joked with [Cowboys executive] Chad Estis that we'd do the fight at halftime."

Arum and Jones became fast friends when they teamed to open Cowboys Stadium to boxing on March 13, when Manny Pacquiao defended his welterweight title in front of more than 50,000 in a fight that generated 700,000 pay-per-view buys. They vowed to bring more fights to the stadium in the future. Jones was particularly interested in appealing to the region's large Hispanic population, and Chavez is one of the most popular active Mexican fighters.

The Cowboys are interested in hosting the fight.

"Our experience with Bob and the Pacquiao fight was outstanding and we loved every minute of it," Cowboys spokesman Brett Daniels said. "The energy it brought to our stadium and to the boxing world is something we want to see again. We want the opportunity to do something else like that and [Pavlik-Chavez] is the type of matchup that would be worth talking to Bob about.

"I think Chavez and Pavlik are the type of fighters and fight you'd want to bring to this region. They're big names and Chavez appeals to the Hispanic fan base here, which I don't think can be discounted at all."

Said Arum, "This is the kind of fight that is right up their alley -- a white guy from the Midwest fighting the son of the Mexican legend in Cowboys Stadium with reasonable ticket prices. I think we can do 40,000 or 50,000 people."

Chavez (41-0-1, 30 KOs), the son of all-time great Julio Cesar Chavez Sr., is coming off the most notable victory of his career, a strong performance in a 12-round unanimous decision against John Duddy on June 26 in San Antonio. Arum said his plan is to bring Chavez back Sept. 11 against an opponent to be determined and then to match him with Pavlik.

Arum said the idea for the fight came up late last week when he was in San Juan, Puerto Rico, promoting the Juan Manuel Lopez-Bernabe Concepcion featherweight title bout that took place on Saturday.

Arum said he was at the hotel bar with Cameron Dunkin, Pavlik's co-manager, who had Nonito Donaire on the San Juan undercard, and Mexican promoter Fernando Beltran, Arum's partner on Chavez, who had Hernan Marquez facing Donaire.

"We were sitting around having drinks and we came up with it," Arum said. "We checked with [Chavez trainer] Freddie Roach and he loves the fight. Cameron checked with the Pavliks and they love the fight, so let's get it on."

It would be Pavlik's first fight since Sergio Martinez severely cut him and outpointed him to win the middleweight championship on April 17 in Atlantic City, N.J. After the fight, Pavlik and his team said he would move up in weight, either to the 168-pound super middleweight or 175-pound light heavyweight division because he had struggled so severely to make 160 pounds in recent fights.

However, when Dunkin mentioned to Arum in San Juan that Pavlik (36-2, 32 KOs) did not really want to move up and he thought he could still make 160 pounds by working with a nutritionist, the idea for the fight with Chavez was hatched.

"When I got back [to Las Vegas] from San Juan, I checked with both sides again and everybody was on board," Arum said. "We're going to move ahead in the next couple of weeks and get the deal done. I think we can do a lot of business with that fight."

Dunkin said the key would be Pavlik working with a nutritionist in order to safely make the weight. He said despite Pavlik's weight struggles he has never worked with one.

"The fight will be at 160 and he'll get a nutritionist, a dietitian, whatever he has to do," Dunkin said. "He's fired up about this fight. He is fully committed to the fight. He's even willing to leave [his hometown of Youngstown, Ohio] to train.

"We want the fight, we absolutely want the fight. We were told by Bob that it was going to happen."

Dunkin said Pavlik, Mike Pavlik, the fighter's father and co-manager, and trainer Jack Loew were interested in getting the deal done.

"After we got back from Puerto Rico, Bob called me again to talk about the fight and I told him everybody was on board so let's make the fight happen," Dunkin said.

There was a caveat, however.

"I still need to know the money," Dunkin said. "Bob said he'd give us a guarantee and a really good upside and everyone will make a lot of money. He said, 'I can't promise you a lot of guaranteed money, but if the fight does well everybody will make money.' We're fine with that. We're willing to earn our way. I think it's a very sellable fight. I think people would like to see it. I'll you one thing -- it's a fun fight and it will be an action fight. Both of these guys can hit and both of them get hit.

"We're ready to go. We're just waiting for Bob to let us know what exactly what he's talking about financially. Other than that my guy is itching to go. When he heard it might be at Cowboys Stadium, he got really excited. He said that would be a lot of fun."

I hope this happens. It would be very entertaining.

Pavlik wins by ko.
So much for Pavlik vs Bute like HBO was saying.

That would have been a massacre.
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