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Full Version: What happened to DJ Necro?
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You know, Bam Bam. Did he get banned for the last time?
After a brief stint in Iraq. Fighting all of his desires....DJ FINALLY suCUMmed to the truth....and that was that no woman would ever be able to make him feel the way he felt when he was inside of BamBam.

I'll give you a snippet of an email sent to me dated 09/27/2008.

"Man....I tell you I have tried everything to get him out of my head, but nothing works. This white zoot suit I am wearing cannot cover the love I have for him. I tried MANY MANY times to shoo him out of my life, butt he still comes back....everytime.

I gotta be honest with you man....that's more than I can say for any chick I've ever banged....and you know what....I don't mean to sound queer or nothin...but I think Depeche Mode is a really sweet band!"

And that was it fellas....

I once got a photo of them after they got matching stomach tattoo's of each other's name in old English letters. The card was addressed....Fort Hancock, TX.....that was where they crossed over.

I knew they were going to a place in Mexico called.....Zihuatanejo.

He ended the email...."I hope the water is as blue as it has been in my dreams.....I hope I can slam my friend's butt.....I hope"
they are certainly a match made in heaven. gay, ass-sex heaven
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