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Full Version: Lopez vs Concepcion and Donaire vs Marquez
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Don't see any topic for tomorows Showtime fights Lopez v Concepcion and Donaire v Marquez.

Donaire/Marquez will be another easy win for Nonito despite Marquez KO percentage he hasn't fought anyone of name Donaire should mnake quick work of him.

Now the main event Lopez/Concepcion should be a good one Bernabe is a very strong FW with good power obviously JuanMa is the favorite and i do expect him to win but if he underestimates Concepcion the way he did Mtagwa he will be in serious trouble.
I got to work, but i am excited for these fights and plan to watch the replay. Should be some good fights.
yeah i just hope that after this Nonito can face a live body the guy has all the talent in the world but fighting these these guys won't get him the recognition he deserves.
Does not deserve a new topic, so I decided to just post in this thread about the Friday night fights on Showtime tonight. Mike Jones, the undefeated welterweight with a lot of hype won tonight. I truly am not impressed with him overall. What was crazy and irritating about the fight was the end result. He had his opponent hurt and was connecting but he was no where near going down until he unloaded a HARD left to the balls which immediately dropped the guy.

The guy complained of a low blow but the ignorant ref(Randy Neuman) ignored and counted him out.

The commentators ALL clearly saw it live too, but made excuses for the ref that he was not in position to see it.

BUT what pisses me off the most is while all the commentators watched the replay in slo-mo, it CLEARLY showed the ref in PERFECT position to see the illegal punch, and not one of them spoke up and changed there original thoughts on that the ref should have seen it and made a terrible call. They just stayed silent. Bitches!

Anyway, Jones is decent but nothing special and will get exposed at the elite level.
I'm pretty excited for tonight's fight card. Donaire's fight should be easy, but Marquez can punch. He's been in soft though, as has been mentioned. I remember seeing him on the undercard of Vanda-Chavez 1, and didn't think he was all that. It's good to see Donaire in the spotlight again, and I hope he shines. I'd still love to see a rematch with Darchinyan. Marquez needs to put the pressure on and get busy if he wants any shot. Donaire can really box, and I expect him to outbox him until he catches him with something big. Donaire TKO 8.

The main event is really compelling to me. Concepcion is a pretty good fighter, and I remember seeing him KO Torrence Daniels. He can be outboxed, but he has good power. He may have improved his skills in the last two years as well. He was competitive with Luevano as well. Freddie always has his guys ready, so he'll come to fight. Lopez better not be looking ahead to Marquez, but I think he'll win.
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