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Full Version: Molina-Lundy (ESPN2 Spoilers)
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Jack 1000
Good fight last night in the main event, but I thought the stoppage was premature because both where really going at it in those last couple rounds! The scoring was way too lopsided! I thought that Molina, who also scored a KD in the fight ralied exceptionally well to either being ahead to no more than a point behind at the time of the stoppage. Story here:

It was a decent fight. I like both guys.

Lundy kind of reminds me of Emmanuel Augustus. He actually threw a punch behind his back (I think it was Atlas who said it was like he was throwing a behind the back pass in basketball). He's an entertaining fighter and talker.
wow that's my first time seeing the scores. I turned it off after the stoppage.

I felt Molina was starting to rally also, as you mentioned. Plus the KD...scores should have been a little closer.

As far as the finish, I would have liked to see the full stoppage like that. He went limp for a brief second (talking about Lundy) ,but I felt he could have held up just long enough to get really KO'd or even land something of his own.

I can tell you one thing....had the round finished and the next with Molina rallying like that and those scores in Lundy favor for a UD possibly are announced....crowd goes insane.

Both fights were great I felt.
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