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Full Version: Young Tyson sparring footage
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looks like most of the sparing is from when he was champ... if im not mistaken the first guy is sparing before the douglas fight...
My favorite fighter of all time! Without a doubt I still believe to this day a Mike Tyson in his prime the one who was so defensively gifted and I am talking about the Tyson before Cus D'amoto his father yes for people who don't know he legally adopted Mike as his own son. Just one point, anybody who is a real Tyson fan and has seen all of his early fights the ones where Cus was still training see just how fucking sick his defense is! Another fact is Cus and this 100% TRUE had mike sparr for two years straight without ever throwing any punches. If you watch his early fights you'll see how sick his defense was and that comment will make perfect sense. Not to take responsibility away from his own actions but come people the dude was the youngest heavyweight champion at 19 and I can't even imagine what the would be like for a kid at 19 but in my opinion Tyson in his prime would of beat everybody and that includes Holyfield and Lewis.
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