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Full Version: Tito Trinidad vs Kid Gavilan
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Styles make fights. And while Gavilan is superior overall, because of the way he fought, it would have been tightly contested.

But I see the Kid just one step ahead the whole time. He wasn't a KO puncher by any means. But there was nothing powder puff about him. And he had one helluva chin. He took Robinson's best for 25 rounds total and never went down. He would feel Trinidad's punches for sure and Tito's left uppercut could work with the way Gavilan would dip low, but overall Kid is too slick and he had fast hands.

I think he scores a flash knockdown on Tito, and fights his way to competitive but clear UD in a very good fight.

In a 15 rounder, he may have a chance to stop Trinidad late.
I see Gavilan simply outboxing Tito and getting the UD..He was a far superior boxer..
^^^^He was. But he could be hit so thats why it would be exciting. And with that chin, Gavilan would have no problems trading with Trinidad.

Not sure he pulls off what De La Hoya did the first 7 or so rounds against Tito because from what I've seen didn't move around like that.

But he would find another way to beat Trinidad. And unlike Oscar, he wouldn't run away in fear of getting hit.
Gavilan was fast and had a gret chin if he could comepete with SSR he'll definitly be able to beat a prime Trinidad but it won't be easy. I could see Tito stunning Kid at times but it won't be enough Gavilan althouth not the hardest puncher carried decent pop and with Tito's chin he'll manage to get his respect and take a well deserved UD win.
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