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Full Version: My last few fights
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QUOTE (Fitz @ Feb 5 2011, 01:16 PM) *

That's a no brainer and I'm much better looking than any of those humans and that monster Kelly Pavlik, I thought we were all friends, here, and all I'm getting is cheap shots, lol.

Stevenski, my brother got lucky and I drew the short end of the stick. He has got a full set of hair and no body hair, and I have no hair and a full set of body hair that I need to maintain. I actually just got back from getting a bit of my back hair waxed from those Vietnamese beauty salons, lol.

Dude do you shave your arms? Man that is suspect. You are probably going on that gay pride march in St Kilda tomorrow.

Luckily I have made it to my 30's with a full lush head of hair. Unfortunately that hair is rapidly greying & I mean rapidly. I got a haircut today & it was at least 30% grey.
lloyd mayflower
Hopefully the last! I want STEVENSKIS question answered! Come on Fitz your like a fucking politician!!!
QUOTE (Fitz @ Feb 6 2011, 02:03 PM) *
No, I don't shave my arms, lol.

My arms have hair at the moment, as you can see smile.gif

See the bold. Not that there is anything wring with that. I clip my chest & nether regions but I leave the arse hair alone. I ain't no fag & my arsehole is for shitting only.
The Ollie Reed Fan Club
QUOTE (Fitz @ Feb 6 2011, 02:04 AM) *
I'm just being a politician. I have never shaved my arms.


Well if you're being a politician your response should be:

"I have never shaved my arms............ that I can remember."

Fitz is bald and clearly shaves his arms-just like his hero. Kelly Pavlik clapping.gif laugh.gif

Time to crack a Woodie, Fitz.
QUOTE (Fitz @ Feb 5 2011, 10:03 PM) *

Those are some strong looking wrists you have there Fitz. The kind that only come from years of Fap work.
Absolutely man. The key is to mix it up as well and not use the standard vice grip. I use the reverse grip as well sometimes. It's all about changing up the routine, otherwise your muscles get used to it smile.gif
dj necrogenic
I cant take you Roll... tongue.gif Nice vids man.
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