Sweet dream
We all have lonely and commitment to each other
We are all tired of living because of torture
Only this time
In the same way
How long
We changed the attitude and acceptance of each other
We who wronged their own dreams Shing Chuen
Only this time
What remains
Has important
Tenderness often think of the past
It makes me cold in the night will not
You say a person is seriously beautiful
Two people can be together is fate
Knew so
Like a sweet dream
I'm not going to love all in one place
I can forgive
Your absurd
Absurd that I can not forget
Knew so
Such as the sweet dream
I need to stack the tears in their eyes are locked
Let you go crazy
Let you go crazy
Let me place you in the absence of strong
Let me heal in place without you
Chevrolet shocks and struts
Chevrolet quick strut
Shock absorber