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Full Version: Is it time for Freddy Hernandez to get a title shot?
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I think he presents significant problems for them all. But maybe he should step up to an Abregu or (dare I say) Morales? (oops)

I'll watch Hernandez v anyone at this point. He is reasonably sound fundamentally and very dangerous with that right hand.
Well, we'll be finding out sooner or later what he can do against Berto. I'll be taking Berto in that fight though.

QUOTE (gravytrain @ Sep 18 2010, 06:13 PM) *
Well, we'll be finding out sooner or later what he can do against Berto. I'll be taking Berto in that fight though.

Maybe, but I think that Hernandez is more dangerous to Berto than SSM at this point. I would not have said that 9 months ago.
Freddie Hernandez.....really? i mean really? If he's from your hometown, or you're just a huge fan that's awesome. However, this guy has fought two undersized opponents in his last couple fights. He was fighting on even terms with Chop Chop Corley until he ko'd the smaller man. Mike Anchondo was fighting at 130 pounds for Christ's sake. Anchondo couldn't even reach his potential at 130, as Barrios took his heart from the sport. Corley can still fight, but top level performers have been able to dominate him in the last few years. There is nothing I've seen, besides a big right hand, that indicates he will ever be champion. The guys has fought at 154 before, and he's taking on natural jr. lighweights and jr. welterweights. I think his reputation is being inflated by knocking out smaller fighters, and we'll find out how much crack he has when he fights a fighter his size. His previous four fights before the ko's of Corley and Anchondo he didn't KO anybody. I'm just he's come a long way since the loss to Golden Johnson and the SD to Carson Jones. However, there is no way this guy presents a greater challenge to Berto than Mosley. I'm just sayin.
Fair enough I guess. I don't know what to make of Mosley right now. I mean, nobody looks good against Mora and he has such an ugly style to fight. Mosley did what he had to do in there, and many think it was enough to beat a solid middleweight. The KO of Corley was impressive, but those two were fighting on even terms up until that 5th round. I believe the Showtime commentators and judges had it even after four. Many feel fighters at that next level should truly dominate Corley. Now I'm in the minority and think Corley can still fight. I predicted he would give Maidana problems and he did. So I agree that KO was impressive. However, I want to see if that power is still there when he fights somebody his own size. All answers point to no, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

I'll give you this....Alvarez is gonna be nowhere near Freddie Hernandez. No way they risk their cash cow to somebody who is tall and seems to have a nice right hand. Especially after we saw him on the deck against Jose Cotto.

Are you a big fan of Freddie just out of curiosity? He seems like a fun fighter to watch.
QUOTE (SmartyBeardo @ Sep 20 2010, 09:43 PM) *
But from what I saw out of SSM the other night, granted against a much larger guy, he is shot.

I would not say that. Mora only ever lost to Forrest, give him some credit. Mora is very crafty and a mover which does not bode well for Shane. His defense was very good and he made Mosley miss a lot. Sure Mosley lost a step and looks a little vulnerable, but to say he is shot is going overboard. He has trouble with that style plus the size difference. Shane needs to be matched against a more stationary target and one that is not so elusive so he can land his shots. I was not impressed with him either, but I can relate because of who he fought. I liked the way he fought the last two rounds throwing really hard punches with conviction. Just wish he did it more in the middle of the fight. Hopefully he will get back in there soon with a welterweight who he matches up better with.

Oh... this thread is about Hernandez, lol.
QUOTE (SmartyBeardo @ Sep 21 2010, 01:11 AM) *
Hernandez is perfect for him then. If he isn't finished then he can take Hernandez out. And Freddy does not move that much. I'd watch it, though not PPV.

And I stand behind my opinion that SSM is no longer P4P material.

Sounds like a great fight to me!

I also no longer have Mosley in my top ten P4P, too many other more deserving fighters.
FOOL! Freddy dont move....quackmeow would whoop that ass and gaywheather would box that ass and berto would go to town.....but a fight is a fight so nething can happen but on paper freddy would get chewed up and booed off stage haha
This guy might be up next for Andre Berto
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