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Full Version: Boyfriend whoops on girlfriend
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Play fight gone wrong
I thought of Stevenski when I saw this
QUOTE (JonnyBlaze @ Sep 22 2010, 07:58 AM) *
I thought of Stevenski when I saw this

I laughed out loud when i read that.. seriously, i don't laugh out loud very much when reading posts... hahahhahah

Most australian men would have got up and destroyed this little prick. Beating on women, the lowest of the low. I notice that the other dude keeps filming and its up to the other woman to save her friend. Fucking spineless act from both blokes, the perpetrator and the cameraman.

Little fucking pygmy with a napoleon complex... would love to smear his nose over his face like fucking jam sandwich. Why cant i see this shit going down in real life????
is there a youtube video for this? That website gives off viruses.
QUOTE (JonnyBlaze @ Sep 22 2010, 04:58 PM) *
I thought of Stevenski when I saw this

Why? What happened? I need a breakdown of what happened as I can't see video at work.

Do you think I beat women Jon? For the record I don't guys just old ladies on pension day.
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