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Full Version: Thoughts on Sonny Liston's Life and Death
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Jack 1000
From time to time, I think back to when Sonny Liston died and the circumstances surrounding his death. Several years ago, HBO had a great special on his life both inside and outside the ring, but since that time when his body was found in January, 1971, there was speculation as to how long he had been dead, and all boxing sources say that he died of a drug overdose. A balloon of heroin was found in his house when his body was found. Did Liston take his own life? His wife Geraldine always said that Sonny was terrified of needles. Liston always was rumored to have mob connections, and whether or not Sonny tanked for the Ali fights (especially the second one) remains debated to this day.

Perhaps only Liston even knew the controversy surrounding his life and death. Even his date of birth is disputed. So I wanted as the board, what new research if anything his come out on all of the past events? How does everyone believe he actually died? We know it was a drug overdose. But did Sonny really take his own life?

I think he was killed. It doesn't make any sense for a guy that wont even leave the country because of vaccinations[needles] to inject himself with heroin. Plus the mob was pretty well into boxing at that time and had already sent messages to people.
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