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Full Version: Dexter is back.
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@ 9pm ET on Showtime....I'm sure some of you follow it...probably my favorite show...
I saw the first episode, and have no idea where they're taking this season.
Yeah...something was off in the 1st episode, but then I remembered Michael C. Hall was goin' through Cancer back then...might explain some things performance/scriptwise...

Have to say I was surprised how little Dexter was moved about Rita's murder (because of his feelings at the end of last season)....but then again, it was cool to know he put his "trade" first

I knew his sister and Quinn would get down...that was only a matter of time......I like that Quinn character...I have a feeling he might be a Dexter victim later on...
For sure, Quinn is gonna get it...especially how much he keeps persuing the Dexter killing Rita angle. Anyone that digs too Dokes in season 2...becomes just another victim.

I noticed that Dexter's hair looked kind of 'wiggy'...must've been from the cancer treatment.

But I felt uncomfortable watching last night. Some of the shit that he was saying, and how he acted when asked about Rita...that shit was sketchy as hell. "I'm sorry for your loss..."

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