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Full Version: World Series of Boxing
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King Eugene
World Series of Boxing

Any of you guys ever heard of this? I only recently heard of it because a guy from my gym was drafted to the Miami team. Darius Ervin a middleweight.

What you cats think about this? They actually get paid. One day he was driving a old Cadillac to the gym and the next week he was driving a Benz. I think its something like $20K for signing and $5K a fight. Not bad to still be an amateur and eligible to make the olympics.

No headgear will be used but supposedly better punch absorbing gloves will be used.

Should be interesting to see how it plays out.
I had a quick read, and I LOVE the gist of it from what I gathered so far. I think I said something similar sometime ago on how I think boxing will improve.

QUOTE (Fitz @ Jul 28 2010, 10:34 PM) *
I know this sounds like an insane idea, but someone with money, balls and a love for the sport, that actually want to see it better would need to follow the UFC structure. I know it's a fairytale and don't even know it's possible. But make like a league or franchise like UFC. Obviously you would get some pretty low level guys at the start because superstars aren't going to sign a contract to a league where they would be tied and make less money. But what about guys that get paid peanuts anyways? They have one champion, and are basically forced to fight one another.
The idea probably sounds dumb, and it doesn't need to be that way, as it could be fixed any time if people co-operated and people that mattered that were involved in the sport actually gave a shit about the sport and fans. Unfortunately, I don't have any faith in the people involved and feel the only way is to build it up again with a different structure. In the end, it's the credibility of the sport that is killing boxing, not that people don't give a shit about it. You give the sport credibility and fights people want to see, the fans will come.

I'm not saying that what ever this is, will save it or anything. But I almost feel that you almost need to start from the bottom (if promoters aren't going to fix it) and build a league, getting guys that get paid peanuts and slowly try build credibility and slowly force itself as a legitimate league.
I like the idea of a league.
King Eugene
Yea I'm pretty interested to see how this turns out. I haven't heard anything about any TV exposure but I think they should consider trying to get it. They probably will once the playoffs start. This event could be a big lead up to the Olympics as well. Following the boxers from the WSB all the way to a medal. That's a possible superstar in the making. He'd already have some form of a following. We'll see how it turns out though.
Seems like a very well thought out format from what I have read. Hopefully all of the fighters will be treated and compensated decently.

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