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Full Version: Cain Velasquez on sports science
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Very interesting analysis in terms of endurance and power. The tests show he has cardio on par with elite endurance athletes, throws punches with 2230 pounds of force, a figure higher than any boxer they have recorded on the show, and generates enormous power in the take downs.

Just found it interesting. Elite cardio, elite power, elite wrestling... the dude is a fucking beast.
ill be first to admit i under estimated cain in that fight but he proved it isnt all about being bigger....its about being quiker and more sound fundamentaly.....its crazy im from tucson arizona and i guess cain is from yuma arizona and one of his wrestling coaches moved from yuma to tucson and he had a article in the paper the day before the fight saying that cain was probably the only guy who can beat brock.....this wretling coach is pretty good too hes at a new school in town and he already has them as a powerhouse in wrestling......with hands like those he should try and be the first mexican heavyweight champion in pretty sure he would be able to fuck up david haye or maybe even the klits but david haye for sure
It's good to see Velasquez finally get his props. The guy is a beast i see him reigning at for a long time.
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