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Full Version: R. Marquez vs. J Lopez: Preview and Poll
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Jack 1000
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Jack 1000
Marquez by TKO in 5.

But this fight could easily come down to who lands first? That there is the variable of who recovers better. I like the better chin of Marquez, and his experience, especially with the Vasquez fights to win in 5 rounds. Although anything could happen early, one Marquez weathers the storm of Lopez, he should win by the mid way point.

Given the power of these fighters, I don't think this goes more than 5 rounds.

Lopez TKO9...

Marquez will put up a great fight but he's a little past it. I think people are making too much out of his last performance.
If Marquez was 5 years younger I'd take him by decision all day. But at 35 with the Vasquez fights behind him, I gotta go with the the rising star by KO.

I bet a boxer over a slugger. But these guys can do both. Marquez can win this one UD or late TKO but I will not be surprise if Lopez will make a short work of him if Marquez opt to go toe to toe.
Smarty is correct.

Marquez has been semi retired the past few years. What he has now is experience and toughness. But he's also a bit worn down now.

I'm not sure thats gonna serve him well against a bigger man who is a legitimate KO puncher at 126 pounds, and thats with either hand.

I'm gonna go with the young lion here. Lopez is on the rise and Marquez is on the descent.

Juanma TKO 8
King Eugene
Lopez will probably hit the canvas early but come back in the mid rounds to stop Marquez. If it turns into a war that Lopez manages to come out on top of I wouldn't be surprised if the effects of this fight shows in his next fight. Wars tend to take the fight out of some fighters.
both of their chins can be touched and affected... i am so excited about this fight... it has foty written all over it... i picked marquez because of his experience but it depends on which lopez shows up as well... i see this going either one sided in lopezs favor or a see saw battle that allows marquez experience to edge out a win.. but what ever they produce im ready!!!
This is such a close fight it could go either way but although he is more damaged I'm slightly edging Marquez in this one that should be exciting until the final bell.

Lopez being the younger and more fresh fighter basically has everything over Marquez going into this fight except for experience which I feel gets Marquez this victory. Lopez has a lot of skill and is really exciting to watch but unless he gets Marquez outta there early I feel he will eventually get caught himself as he gets a lil too wild at times.

Marquez KO4.

An upset might be possible but I don't think Arum would want to risk it. I think this fight will turn out as it's supposed to; test Lopez against a veteran and add a name to his resume. I think Lopez wins by decision in a tougher fight than anticipated but shows he can deal with adversity.
Mean Mister Mustard
I agree with Gbh; both these guys can fight on the outside or on the inside. We don't really know how much Marquez has left, because like Beardo said, 4 out of his 5 last fights were against 1 guy. At this point Lopez is sharper, has a better chin, and I'm willing to bet he has more power than Rafa. If he fights Marquez in the same style he fought in against Luevano and Penalosa, he might have the advantage.

I can see Lopez taking Marquez out early though. Marquez has that wide Nacho Beristain stance, which leaves him open to hooks. He has been wobbled and dropped on numerous occasions and against a good puncher, and fast finisher like Lopez, this looks like an early KO defeat for Marquez.

Then again, if JML can't get him out early, he's going to have to work for it. Marquez is still the most complete fighter Lopez has been in with. He's not as wild or as crude as Mtagwa, he's sharper than Gerry Penalosa and has experience to boot. The best technical boxer that Lopez fought was Steven Luevano, but he couldn't hurt Lopez. If Marquez connects, we will see Lopez notice it.

Lopez can fight like a bull when he wants to. He goes forward, digs to the body and throws some mean uppercuts. When he has a guy hurt though, he tends to be susceptible to counter punches and that's where he has to watch out against Marquez.
Has anybody tested Lopez's chin? Last time I've seen him he was on queer street. Too bad for his opponent as there wasn't enough time.
Has anybody tested Lopez's chin? Last time I've seen him he was on queer street. Too bad for his opponent as there wasn't enough time.
QUOTE (Hops @ Nov 4 2010, 09:06 PM) *
Has anybody tested Lopez's chin? Last time I've seen him he was on queer street. Too bad for his opponent as there wasn't enough time.
same thing i was thinking... this fight could come down to simply who lands first...

QUOTE (Hops @ Nov 4 2010, 10:06 PM) *
Has anybody tested Lopez's chin? Last time I've seen him he was on queer street. Too bad for his opponent as there wasn't enough time.

Well Concepcion is a legit puncher who put Lopez down in that last fight but Juanma wasn't hurt. At least it didn't look like it.

That said, Marquez has alot working against him in this fight. Yes we know he's a vet and that he's proven. But he's also been in quite a few wars and its likely they have taken there toll.

It should be an action fight for however long it lasts.

its about to be ON!!!! Im pumped today!!!
QUOTE (JLUVBABY @ Nov 6 2010, 08:32 AM) *

its about to be ON!!!! Im pumped today!!!

I feel you bro can't waite for this one.
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