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Full Version: UFC upstaged tonight by Strikeforce
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Run and Gun Game Calls
Tonight was the finale of the UFC ultimate fighter. I watched it, and there were some decent fights, nothing great. Then I turned to showtime west and watched the showtime strikeforce card. The Strikeforce show was vastly superior. Three straight brutal knockouts in a row.

Congrats to Robbie Lawler, Paul daly, and Dan Henderson.

As much shit as Dana White gives strikeforce, its a good product.
lloyd mayflower
This may seem like an obvious statement, but fuck getting punched by Dan Henderson
Run and Gun Game Calls
I second that for lawler. he has insane power
I like SF and it's always good to have some competition.

Lawler is a bad dude always been a fan. When he comes out swingig like he did he has the one punch power to lay anyone out.
When Linland did not use his jabs to set up a take down I knew it was about to be lights out. It seemed Linland decided to use the dumbest strategy for him and his chin, trading with Lawler.
I say Strikeforce has upstaged UFC for pretty much the whole year...I'm loving their product and support them 100% over King Douche Dana White and his bullshit.

Seriously...I stopped following TUF after like the 2nd season...stopped DVRing their Fight Nights over a year ago....

Lawler was in Beast Mode and gets KO Of The Year iMo...edging out Condit's KO of Hardy.


How awesome IS that?...prepared him for the doctor and everything.
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