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Full Version: A moment of appreciation
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Run and Gun Game Calls
You know it takes something special to get up before daylight, run your ass off, in cold rain, high altitude, and through pain. only to go to the gym and work your ass off all day, trying to perfect something that cannot be perfected.

I know we all disagree on favorite fighters, and winners of upcoming fights, proposed fights, and mythical matchups, but at the end of the day any fan who truely cares about the sport, has to tip their cap to the work and dedication that these fighters put in.

Everyone knows im kinda sick of floyd mayweather, just as many here feel that way about pacquio. but you cannot deny the skillset of these fighters. The years of putting their bodies through hell to become the fighters they are. You know floyd has a world of natural talent, but it isnt all god given. How many times has he gutted himself in the gym to be where he is today? How many times has pacquio done crunches till he could hardly breathe, or hit the bag till he could no longer lift his arms?

And Finally I would like to tip my cap to those who bust their ass, but have no talent, and dont go anywhere. yet they still come to the gym every day and work their ass off. And fighters like Gatti, and ward....guys that were B level talent, but had the courage of a game cock and would fight to the death, even if it meant just taking a beating and refusing to quit.

Sorry for the long post guys, was just reflecting on exactly what makes a fighter, and thought I would share some thoughts.
Great post.
King Eugene
Good Shit!

Somebody engrave this on a Plaque
What an excellent way to start the day. Great post.
Thank you, R&G.

Cheers to The Fighters (who all struggle against great odds).
Good post... But Mayweather still wipes his ass with Pacquiao! bye.gif
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