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Full Version: How's it look for boxing in 2011?
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I'm optimistic about 2011.

Alexander v Bradley is just a month away. No matter who wins, the potential fights at 140 are sweet and rich. Maidana v Anybody is a good start. Judah v Peterson and Matthysse v Ortiz would be interesting. JMM v Khan in England would be huge. The winner of Alexander v Bradley should go after Berto in June or July. Mix in May 7 and the 140-148 scenario can't help but crescendo towards 2012.

SMartinez is another reason to look forward to 2011, no matter who he fights in March.

135 and under looks strong for 2011.

I doubt that Ward v Abraham will happen. Abraham should fight Pirog at 160. The winner should get SMartinez towards the end of the year.

Light heavy and the heavies both look more interesting in 2011.

Should be good.
Montiel vs. Donaire will be a super fight

I'd like to see Khan and Maidana rematch because Maidana fucked his ass up in that fight even tho Khan won with his superior speed and boxing ability...

I'd like to see Pirog actually defend his belt..

Adamek vs. Peter will be a great fight...I like that adamek fought 4 times this year and I really wish the rest of these fighters were as active as that....

i'm most excited about the potential gamboa vs juanma fight looming for next year.. its gotta happen and its a legit superfight for the lower divisions...
Im inclined to agree...

This year Im not going to put so much stock into the "Mega Fights"

Instead Im going to invest my interest in the smaller, and good matchups.....
David Lemieux will earn a shot at the world title and then proceed to win, fulfilling my long standing prophecy that he is the future of the division.

Lucien Bute will box the winner of the super six around November 11, I think he'll win it.

Gamboa will establish himself as a top 3 p4p fighter and beat juanma in an epic.

The heavyweights will liven up briefly with a Wlad/Vitali clash vs Haye and all in all it will be a very solid year for us fans.

No smarty, I have a genuine belief in Lemieux.  He is an exciting, fearless puncher.  A rarity in the game today and I see big things coming in 2011.  Whether he'll fulfill my belief in him is open for question but boxing is about opinions when you sit outside the ropes.  My opinion is he will be world champion before 2011 is out.

Bute is the best super middle in the world today and has the beating of the next best super middle, Andre Ward, at this time.  Again, it's not a fact, it's just an opinion I will stand by until it is disproved.

I am not Canadian, know very few Canadians personally and therefore have no bias towards Canadians.

I do own an Avril Lavigne cd though, hehehe.
A lot better than the ufc.

Don't forget the Cruiser-Six.
It's going to be sweet seeing Haye face down on the canvas.
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