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Are there any fighters or trainers you would like to watch film with?

There are a lot of trainers that do a great job of breaking down fighters on tape. Brother Naseem is a guy I would like to watch a fight with and get his thoughts as the fight happens.

There are also a couple of fighters I would like to watch fights with for different reasons. Of course fighters watch their own fights to assess their performances.

For example, I would watch either of the Hopkins fights with Jermaine Taylor just so I can better understand why he felt like he won those fights.

There are plenty of others. Any thoughts?
Roach or Naseem Richardson.

I'd want to watch some prime Roy Jones footage with Roy Jones. For some reason I think he'd have a bowl of popcorn in his lap while making some noise every time he did something nice then after every big shot he'd be like "damn! Roy Jones just knocked the shit out of him!".
James Toney!

I would love to sit down with him and watch all his career fight again with him commentating. It be cool to hear his thoughts and hear him break down the fights.
I'd like to watch some of Jim Jacobs' old films with Mike Tyson. He knows too much about the sport to stay away from it. I'd love to see Showtime reunite Mike with Jim Grey, and bring him in to replace Tarver. "Broke Back Mountain Sea Lion with Aids looking mother fucker!"
Box in Hand
Hate it or not but I'd like to watch Floyd's fights with him and see what goes through his mind during the fight. I mean he seems like an idiot outside the ring so I'm like "What's up dude"?
Nacho Beristein working with Ricardo Lopez was pure text book stuff.
I think it would be cool to watch fights with Mike Tyson, Bernard Hopkins, Johnny Lewis, Nazim Richardson and he doesn't seem like a bad commentator and I didn't like him as a fight, but Tarver would be alright as well.

I would also like to watch the Ottke and Wood fight with Mundine.
A couple of more came to mind. I would love to watch Trinidad/DLH with Tito so he could explain how in the world he feels he won that fight. And I would like to watch DLH/Sturm with Oscar for the same reason.
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