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Full Version: Chad Dawson on Pascal and Hopkins
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AS Chad Dawson waits to discover if sole conqueror Jean Pascal picks the devil or the deep blue sea – the Canadian must choose either a contracted rematch with the Connecticut man which will avoid a potential lawsuit or a return with Bernard Hoipkins, with whom he drew in his last contest, in order to adhere to the WBC’s mandate and retain his championship, the former champion has taken some time to reflect on his loss to Haiti and Quebec’s finest.

“A lot of things,” Dawson responded when asked what went wrong back in August. “But I’m not making any excuses, Pascal won the fight. I only had six weeks in training camp, and my mind was not 100 per cent on camp, it was on other things I had no control over [believed to be personal problems]. Things just didn’t happen for me on the night. Now I have a new trainer, new manager, new faces, I want to make this year my year and show everyone that I’m still one of the best fighters in the world.

“I’m happy the fight went on and I’m happy things went the way they went – things happen for a reason. I felt Pascal was tired and I would finish him before the fight was over, but the cut happened and he got the victory. For the last three-four months I’ve been watching the fight over and over, and I couldn’t pull the trigger. I spent a lot of time sitting at home and I told [former trainer] Eddie [Mustafa Muhammad] I wanted to move on. I’m pretty sure if you ask Eddie, he knew my mind wasn’t there for camp and he knew everything that was going on outside too. I have nothing bad to say about Eddie, I just needed a change.”

Dawson is now under the stewardship of Emanuel Steward who plans to make “Bad” Chad a more attacking proposition his next fight, which may or may not be the rematch he desperately craves. Ironically, although Dawson has no sympathy whatsoever with Hopkins’ desire for a Pascal return, the 28-year-old does believe “B-Hop” should have got the decision in the December fight.

“Bernard won the fight,” Dawson opined. “But we all know you can’t go to Canada and win a decision. Pascal won the first three rounds and over there that’s a big lead. But I thought Bernard pulled it out at the end.

“In their fight, I saw weaknesses in both guys, I always saw them in Bernard. He couldn’t deal with Pascal’s handspeed in the first five rounds. But you saw with me and Pascal, again he died out after the first six rounds.”

One good thing to emerge from Dawson’s downfall is the realisation of which people in his life truly care about him and look out for his best interests. Having dumped a bunch of hangers-on, these people can mostly be found within Chad’s own family, especially his wife Crystal who also advises him regarding his career.

“The worst part about my defeat was for my oldest son to see all my blood – he knows I lost and it’s part of the sport but that was hard. My wife knows I had a lot of things on my mind, but I have three beautiful boys and a wife, I can’t ask for much more. Spending time with them since the defeat has definitely made me more comfortable, I didn’t want to be around a lot of people.

“It’s good to have someone watching my back. My wife is always the one to tell me if someone is not right around me. She’s never tried to become my manager and she helps me recognise who has my best interests at heart. Promoters and managers try to drive fighters’ wives away, but they don’t get that it’s the wives that keep you up and support you. That’s what my wife does for me.”

Not bad, but a couple of funny parts, especially about the "no excuses", lol.
Mean Mister Mustard
Yeah, the classic "no excuses" followed by 2 of them. I don't know id Dawson will have that much of an easier time with Pascal. It's not in his nature to be a guy who lets his hands go and chase down opponents. If he gets too aggressive, Pascal might catch him with something big.
Box in Hand
Manny Steward is no longer the trainer he once was so why go to him? He's past his prime if that is possible for trainers? He has Klits and that is basically it? And Dawson not being able to pull the trigger at his age is a big fucking problem. Maybe he should get into acting cause that is not a good thing to be going on at that age.
Ex has an easier time w Dawson than he did Pascal. Bet.

Dawson much more conventional, hands not as fast.
I never understood how trainers/fighters would make an excuse, and then right after follow it up with "but no excuses". laugh.gif
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