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downloading now....
Game is A LOT smoother get Tyson, Ali, Cotto and Pac in the demo.

I'm really liking this pulling off combos with the sticks is easier than it was in previous games. Will be buying this when it drops.
QUOTE (Fitz @ Feb 3 2011, 05:41 PM) *
I played one game, and was very impressed. I liked the way they punched, it seemed like you could punch better as you moved forward, like you said it felt smoother.

The thing I liked most was the visual improvement. It looked the closest to watching a real fight compared to any other fight night. The tale of the tape, the entrances, the introductions and records, the referee in the ring. It looked really, really good. I think the worst thing about the game is the roster, but so far the actual game play looked pretty damn good.

Yeah I like how you can sit on any punch even the jab with the punch only complaint so far is that pressing the block button makes them automatically block body shots or head shots. The story mode looks cool also will def be a first day buy for me.
lloyd mayflower
Will def buy it although form will have to improve. First two fights on the demo were a draw with Manny v Cotto and a one punch KO loss (nice addition) with Tyson v Ali.
When is this out?

I am in the middle of Dead Space 2 right now...

I'mma go DL this right now...hope I have enough room...I got the old 40 gig PS, and my shit's full of music for the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games...
QUOTE (JD @ Feb 4 2011, 01:15 PM) *
When is this out?

I am in the middle of Dead Space 2 right now...

I heard that game is scarier to play than Silent Hill.
It's a better version of Dead Space 1...but yeah, it is definitely a little freaky at times. Well worth it though.
Champion isn't much different than FNR4 for me...I'll skip buying this one.
The review is out 8.0/10

I'll pick it up when the price drops...too many good games I have to catch up on.
Downloading it now.
The full game that is...
QUOTE (Fitz @ Feb 4 2011, 10:25 PM) *
I used Cotto again, and won my first game against him on points. I found Pacquiao easier than I was finding Ali, though I was dropped quite a few times against Pacquiao.

Was that using the weight drained Cotto?
QUOTE (STEVENSKI @ Feb 28 2011, 09:07 AM) *
Was that using the weight drained Cotto?

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