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Gael Garcia Bernal will play Roberto Duran in a biopic entitled "Hands of Stone", to be released at some time next year.  Now I'm not too familiar with Bernal but a film about Duran, especially considering the success of The Fighter, can only be a good thing right?
I say yes, as long as it's made well.
I always thought they should make a movie about Gatti. I imagined the title to be "Thunder" or something.
QUOTE (Snoop @ Feb 22 2011, 04:41 AM) *
I always thought they should make a movie about Gatti. I imagined the title to be "Thunder" or something.

QUOTE (ViperSniper @ Feb 19 2011, 12:58 AM) *
Curious to see the quality of this film.

In regards to the "The Fighter", I haven't seen it yet, but was thinking a couple of days ago how they could make a movie about Arturo Gatti as he had a compelling story in & out of the ring! They could call it "The Fighter II"? If they really wanted to drag it out, make "The Fighter III" lol, to replica the 3 fights of Gatti-Ward which could include Gatti's last fight with Ward in his corner and his unfortunate death.

From a film makers perspective and a boxing fans perspective it could really work out, as I'm sure with the success of the first film they could possible have the same again? It seems that both fighters will eventually get linked together based on their fights and as they also became good friends. Now that Micky Ward has had a filmed made about his life, maybe it could be a good idea down the road if they ever make a film on Gatti they could also link their films together?

Anyways, I will look out for this one.

Hey, Yayito.

Mark Wahlberg wants to make a sequel to The Fighter.

The Departed star played Irish-American boxer Micky Ward in the biopic, and would now like to make a follow-up focusing on Micky's classic series of fights with Arturo Gatti, which are celebrated as some of the most spectacular in boxing history.

Mark, who also co-produced the film, told Extra TV's Mario Lopez at the Oscars: "Now we're going to talk about doing number two. We're going to do the Ward/Gatti trilogy and make it real."

The Fighter starred Christian Bale as Micky's brother and Melissa Leo as his mother, and both scooped Oscars for their performances. If the sequel goes ahead they would be expected to reprise their award-winning roles.

The film has been a box office hit, so Mark is hoping to persuade producers to back a follow-up.

He said: "The movie's been such a success, 90 million dollars at the box office already!"
QUOTE (Fitz @ Mar 4 2011, 03:24 AM) *

ohmy.gif HOLY SHIT!!

Is Wahlberg reading these forums??? I want my cut Marky Mark laugh.gif

If this is the case it would be good to see how it turns out, as based on the success of the first, more exposure can only be good for the sport of boxing!!

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