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Full Version: Jim Gray in Trouble
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Jack 1000
Yahoo Sports reports that Gray had an altercation recently at a golf tournament. I wonder how this may affect Jim's interviews on Showtime Boxing telecasts?

Seriously, how in the fuck does this guy have a job? I mean he is the most arrogant prick ever! He is the biggest hater because his nerdy ass surely never got any pussy and never had a spec of athletic talent so he just hates on athletes.

I would hate to be him and have to look at myself in the mirror every morning. Also, why again does anyone even hire this clown? No one likes him and he is terrible at his job. He is a smug jackass and I can not stand him.

I hope he gets fired and never does another terrible interview again.
dj necrogenic
He seems like Showtimes answer to Larry Merchant, just basically there to ruffle feathers. Only problem is, Merchant has been doing it for decades, and Jim Gray is just a newcomer who tries to ask the "edgy" questions.
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