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Full Version: What Do You Think About This Sparring Session
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Good shit...both well schooled....the guy in red took it though he was throwing some good combinsons.....but both look well schooled.
Run and Gun Game Calls
I agree, guy in red need to keep his hands up a little better and not pull straight back when moving out of range, both things that can be corrected in the gym
Pretty good.

The guy in the black was obviously gassed and the guy in the red exploited that. The guy in the red threw some nice punches in there. The shorter southpaw in a way to me fought a lot like Whitaker, except by getting hit so much at the end of the round. He just reminded me a bit of Pernell with his stance and the way he threw punches. I like the way the guy in red dug some nice body shots also.

Thanks for sharing.
Guy in red took it for sure. Better counters and he knew how to set up his combos. Other guy had decent hands, but he kind of stumbled in, and then shot off. Nice stuff. Thanks for sharing.
damn if i didnt know better id say that kid in the red is somebody off our forum but if im wrong he's pretty good regardless... lol...
Thank for the feedback everybody
The guy in the red shorts is well tuned....

Kinda reminded my of my gym

Black needs to work on his conditioning a bit more and perhaps some more ring time
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