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Full Version: Julio Cesar Chavez vs Diego Corrales
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Corrales was a huge puncher, especially with the left hook. And he had pretty quick hands too. His problem was that he liked to fight a bit too much. And that will IMO get him badly hurt against Julio.

Chavez has too much skill and I see him putting on the same type of clinic he did against Rosario. I think there are some good exchances early and Chavez takes some hard shots but he'd walk right through them and punish Chico to the body and head.

Chavez TKO 6
and the NEW
Yeh, I think you got this one right!

This is a terrible mismatch I think, Chavez would rake the body of Chico horribly, he would be peeing blood for days!

I can't imagine any way Diego wins this one bit he should make it fun for a couple of rounds before he is run over.
You not a Corrales fan, PR? A terrible, terrible styles match-up here. Chavez would've BRUTALIZED Corrales. Too tough, too skilled.
I like Diego. Lol... But yeah I do agree with ya. Julio woulda brutalized him.

I think a real fire fight would have been Corrales vs Rosario.

That would have been a short but epic war.
Eveyone knows im probably the biggest Chavez fan here so i could never go against him but im also a huge Corrales fan aswell..

But this would only be a fantasy match up for Corrales haters cause Chico would suffer big time and would not be able to do a thing to Chavez.

JCC would stop him brutaly within 5.
Big Slim Sweet
I think Chavez, giant cranium and all, would have respected Chico's power too much to just run him over. I see it more like a 10th round TKO with JCC really taking over and dominating from about round 5 on.
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