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Full Version: Battle LA
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This is a decent flick that could have been great. It has its moments but they get overwhelmed by too many trite subplots where there should have been more big picture special effects battle scenes. It focuses too much on one squad's experience of an alien invasion rather than covering the damned invasion from multiple angles.

Instead of the strategy coming off as fresh, it seems like it is really meant to keep this movie within budget. This may as well have been a Chinese invasion of the West Coast 30 years from now.

LA is decimated by some severely technologically retarded aliens, and a squad of Marines are sent to a police station where there might be some survivors. Every time one of the good guys gets offed, everybody has to beat their fist on something and pause for dramatic reflection, while a decent percentage of the population lays around waiting to rot.

Come on man!

For me, this was a significant letdown, but if you go in with 0 expectations and ignore the ridiculous scenarios and melodramatic oohrah shit, you will probably be entertained.

This is not as good as District 9 (?). Too much of a blatant Marine recruitment flick.

I've been waiting for the next generation alien invasion flick for too long to be satisfied by this under achiever.
I saw it. I went in with pretty low expectations so I liked it for the most part. It was about what I expected.

I can say this it is MILES ahead of both Hall Pass and Paul....those are two HUGE giant piles of shit not worth two squirts of monkey piss!

Hall Pass did not really bother me as for me the Farley Bros. are really hit or miss, and I knew going in it might not be a favorite of mine.

BUT....I expected a WHOLE lot more from Paul!

I liked SHaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz as well as SUperbad and I like Seth Rogan....everything was in place for me to like it....and it was just F'N terrible!!!!

I have never been so annoyed and bored at the same time as I was in that film.
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