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Full Version: Zuffa Purchases Strikeforce
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Run and Gun Game Calls

Another promotion controlled by white. Bad day for MMA in my opinion.
Not bad at all i say. Now at least there is a chance of seeing Overeem vs Velasquez.

If the other companies were offering a different product, (ie Pepsi to the UFC's coke, or Prides rule set with head stomps etc), well i could understand people being upset about losing the flavour they like. But strikeforce is essentially the same product. And big matches are being hampered by guys being signed to different organizations.

If only someone would come in and buy out all the petty boxing promoters and create a super stable... then we might see some fights
QUOTE (AussieLad @ Mar 12 2011, 04:01 PM) *
Not bad at all i say. Now at least there is a chance of seeing Overeem vs Velasquez.

actually maybe not... White says he wants to keep the organizations seperate. idkk im at the conclusion that i see noone beating Overeem, that man is ILL. Seeing the first half of thier heavyweight Tourny, i was beginning to think they were better then the UFC (although ive always felt a bit this way) StrikeForce isnt as protective of its Fighters like the UFC is. sometimes the UFC stops fights WAY TOO early. Lesner vs Overeem would be nice to see too!
If there is no plans to assimilate the strikeforce stable into the UFC, like what happened with the WEC, then the big fights will be hampered to a certain extent. If you had a unification for instance, and say Overeem came in and beat Velasquez or vice versa, unless that newly unified champion fought in both shows from that point on it would damage the titles credibility. So if Overeem came in and beat Velasquez, then pissed off back to strikeforce, suddenly the belt in the UFC will be de-valued

It would only work if there was a complete assimilation, with one off unification matches.

If there is no unification, well strikeforce would become a 2nd tier MMA outfit. The UFC will cherry pick its best, and bring them to the UFC, and strikeforce would become a bush league of 2nd stringers. Lose to many fights in the UFC, and you will be shipped off to strikeforce till you get your shit together
Doesn't surprise me in the least...STRIKEFORCE has been kickin' the shit outta the UFC for a year straight and was gettin' hotter and hotter...Zuffa had to buy them.

I'll wait and see how they operate before I lay down my final judgement....but they'll probably play 'em like the WWE did WCW and ECW....use and bury.
Run and Gun Game Calls
white says cross promotional fights wont be happening
Cross promotional fights won't happen immediately, but they will happen. Dana will let their Strikeforce contracts run out and then sign them to the UFC. And in about a year or two at the most, he'll fold the Strikeforce brand altogether. There's no other way for it to happen.

And Fedor retires, more likely than not.

Whoever said Overeem was unbeatable is wrong. Overeem probably won't even get by Werdum. Again. And he couldn't take Cain either. His best shot at the UFC title would've been against Brock Lesnar's over-rated ass. But that ship has sailed.
If it gets me Nick Diaz - St Pierre then it is worth it.
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