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Full Version: PPV: Calderon vs. Segura@9PM(ET)/6PM(PT) SPOILERS 15 Mins Later
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Jack 1000
For all action and post-fight reaction to tonight's fight. Keep everything in this thread.


Anyone who has a stream please pm me


So I hear Segura did it was an INSANITY INC. HERO...

INSANITY INCORPORATED 2010 Fantasy League Squad

2. Giovanni Segura
4. Robert Guerrero
5. Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam
6. Joseph Agbeko

8. Robert Helenius

I spot 'em EARLY, son.

Gotta toot your own horn sometimes, fellas...but like they ain't braggin' if you back it

Peace in The Middle East, Audi 5000 G.
This reminded me of one of my first sparring sessions. I caught the dude early and moved around alot and won the first round, but he was more experienced than me so he lacked respect for my abilities and just went full out on the body attack. I can see why Calderon laid still on those ropes as sometimes when u get jolted by those body shots ur body just freezes in time.

But damn...looks like this is the end of an era for the Iron Boy. Segura looks pretty damn big in there for a light flyweight I wonder how many more weight divisions he can move up...
and the NEW
On Segura looking big, is there much at Jr Fly?

I want him to fight Pong (whatever his name is) at Fly.

How do you see Seguar doing against him?
Segura is a lil monster non stop power punches and he takes a helluva shot he's been hit by good puncher and just keeps coming. This kid will be hard to stop i don't see many fighters at 108-112lb including Wongjonkam who can dethron him
and the NEW
The thing is though, Wongjonkam is definately a lot more technical than Segura. It would be a very interesting fight I think, hope they make it happen as these two are the only P4P top fighters below Bantam.
QUOTE (mexi-cutioner @ Apr 3 2011, 11:03 AM) *

LOL. Segura needs to get that douchebag's ass in the ring.
Segura vs. Cazares would be a war....two fighters with the same style would be a brutal inside fight.

Calderon is one of the eras best boxers would like to see him fight the other champions at Junior Flyweight
and the NEW
Gonzalez is the only threat left at jr fly, but Segura has said he is moving up to fly now. I guess Roman can always move up later if he prooves too good for the rest of the Jr flys (wouldn't mind Roman taking on Calderon now).

Wongjonkam is definately the fight that has to be made here with Segura, the only two legit guys at fly, or anywhere below 118. Although Naito is not bad either, but he is now at 115.

and the NEW
QUOTE (Fitz @ Apr 4 2011, 07:23 AM) *
I can't speak for all of his opponents, but his win against Koki Kameda is a pretty decent win. Kameda wasn't a bad fighter, and was undefeated at the time.

Yeh, Kameda was his best win IMO and Wonjonkam looked pretty slick in getting that win.

Kameda is now in the mix at Bantam, I will be interested to see how he mixes it up with all the talent up there.......looks like so far Darch, Mares, Perez and Agbeko are all a hair apart, but we haven't seen the likes of Moreno or Montiel fight any of these guys and now Kameda is in the mix along with another guy nobody hears much about but looks like he could mix it up with any of them, Vetyeka. The division is off the charts!

I've also heard people talk up Alexander Bakhtin and Yamanaka, but I will hold judgement on these two until they show they can hang with at least one of the elite guys at 118. All the others I mentioned above have shown they are on the level of the very top Bantams around (except perhaps Donaire who looks a level above all of them).
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QUOTE (Fitz @ Apr 4 2011, 01:23 AM) *
I can't speak for all of his opponents, but his win against Koki Kameda is a pretty decent win. Kameda wasn't a bad fighter, and was undefeated at the time.

And he went to Japan to do it!! Didn't Kameda get a dodgy decision in the 1st fight against Juan Jose Landaeta?
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