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Full Version: Morales-Maidana: Competitive or Super Slaughter? Preview Thread
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Jack 1000
For all preview discussions on the fight. How competitive will Morales be in this fight? Can he shock the world? Or is this the mismatch that everyone believes? What are your takes?


I think is going to be a super slaughter!
Michigan Assassin
I don't see this as one-sided as most observes do. I realize this is people's belief mostly due to Morales recent performances/age but, to me, I see EM possibly being able to outbox Maidana. Of course Morales really has no business fighting for a major title based on recent activity but he's still a big name so I say good for GBP in being able to secure this title fight for 2 of their boxers.

I think this will be a pretty good fight regardless and the undercard is pretty good.
i think this is another shitty PPV that's going to be a terrible mismatch.
fort maidanas sake it had better be a super slaughter... if its not his career even in winning will take a pretty good blow i feel... i can see where morales could have what it takes in experience to beat maidana if he can fight smart the full 12... wouldnt surprise me if this fight lokos a lot like ray mercer vs larry holmes... but i expect maidana to go out walk him down and knock him out...
and the NEW
It's funny, I think both these outcomes are the only 2 likely scenarios.

Although I have to think the probabilities sit towards the second outcome, super slaughter.
First 2-3 rounds entertaining, then... black eye.gif
QUOTE (Fitz @ Apr 7 2011, 12:21 AM) *
But remember that Morales had trouble with David Diaz like 4 years ago.

you are right young fitz... but at the same time maidana is not the most technically sound fighter either... this should be a slaughter but just saying.... it wouldnt surprise me if morales is able to tap into his bag of experience and trips and make the fight entertaining...
Jack 1000
I got Maidana KO 5 in a Super Slaughter.

I just don't think Morales has anything left to keep Maidana off of him. The best hope is that he at least goes down fighting, but I am not even so sure about that. Gotta go with the smart thinking that this is a scary comeback.

morales is one of those fighters that i hate to rule him out... im sure we are all in agreement this fight is not supposed to be competitive... but i wont at all be surprised if it is...
This fight will be reminiscent of Pacquiao vs Hatton, Morales will get battered around and eventually be left laying sprawled out on the canvas sad.gif
QUOTE (Fitz @ Apr 7 2011, 04:18 AM) *
Yeah, but Diaz wasn't technically sound at all. Mind you this was at 135 and 4 years ago. Now Morales is fighting someone who I think is better than David Diaz, bigger than David Diaz, stronger than David Diaz and 4 years after David Diaz and a division higher than he fought David Diaz. I don't know how Morales could possibly do better.

diaz had more tools than maidana... just my opinion... im not picking morales to win nor am i saying the fight should be close... but i am saying is i wont be surprised IF morales makes it tougher than it should be... Morales is a bull the fight shouldnt be close at all... but maidana has glaring draw backs to where IF morales is able to use some of his experience and tricks in his old bag he can make a fight of this... at the end of the day maidana is a crude brawler at best.. im sure morales is looking at him banking on what i just mentioned being the case... tho, at the end of the day i suspect the end result to be morales layed out or beat up on his knees or what ever the other scenario wouldnt surprise me either even in a losing bid for morales...
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