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Full Version: Is this why RJJ is still fighting?
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By Mark Vester
Former heavyweight champ Roy Jones Jr. is the latest boxer to take a pounding from the IRS. After it was recently revealed that Floyd Mayweather Jr. was hit with a past due tax bill of nearly $3.4 million, former four division champion Roy Jones Jr. has been hit with an even bigger bill for $3.5 million dollars. Robert Snell of The Detroit News reports that the IRS filed a $629,085 lien against Jones on March 21 with the Santa Rosa County Clerk in Florida. Those taxes are owed from 2009, but there is also another lien, which was filed on February 11, 2008 for $2,946,650 in Santa Rosa County. That bill is for Jones' earnings in 2003 and 2004. Jones returns on May 22 in Moscow against dangerous cruiserweight Denis Lebedev.
Never know with these guys when they start making multi millions these days man. He could have gotten advice to not file or file a certain way back then knowing he'd get hit later but banked off those years until they hit him..all depends on how you work the system to where they can't touch certain funds. I know regular people that toy with the IRS, set up IRA's get hit later on and work out payments...etc. IRS is like any other collection agency...they'll take something over nothing or they'll seize sh*t they can touch...make your stuff untouchable (basically have a life time legal counselor) and you''ll be straight. This is exactly what I'd do if I were in their shoes making mega millions.

As broke as tyson claims he is, he's still living ten times better than me I"m sure.

I know one thing...Roy lives in pensacola, florida...i've passed through there on numerous occasions and there isn't sh*t his land and home would be no problem to afford even if he went overboard on it...unless he has some gambling problem and/or investing in something tremendously terrible.....he should have bank....if he does't....I'd surely like to know just how he could have possibly blown his stash.
Incredible. I always thought Roy was smarter than that.

Roy must have made at least $50MM in his life.
Hope not.

It's a shame to see boxers having to fight and risk their lives way past their prime just for money. They give their life to entertain us and make some money in a dangerous sport and then are pretty much forced to do it even if they can't/don't want to.
Roy is a country grammar and ebonics communication major... this should come of no surprise to anyone...
last financial rumor i heard bout jones a few months ago was that he was flat broke....
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