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Jack, I have hit a wall and I am no longer content with the font I use for my emails at work. I am currently sporting the "Default Sans Serif", and it just looks so bland and a bit average. It is so boring, and I want to try make a change, something more lively, elegant yet still professional. I think something being easy on the eye is important, but still maintaining a very nice look.
I know you are a big word processor enthusiast, and when this dilemma first became evident to me, I thought you would be the guy to ask.
So what font do you currently sport? What is a good font to use for a work email?

What are your thoughts on "Verdana", "Tahoma", "Arial", or "Arial Narrow"?

Thanks in advance.
Century Gothic 12pt is the branded font at my job.
Georgia has been my longstanding Font of choice....I see it as Modern Classy with a bit of Southern Flair.

Can't wait to see what Jack suggests...
Just draw a spider on the e-mail laugh.gif

Where is that thread? I loved that, ha.

I am using "Vernada" at the moment. I might try "Georgia" for a bit CEO, that was on my short list. Maybe I will give it a go and see if it compliments me.

I don't even know how to change my font permanantly. I just stick with tried & tested Arial sz 10 for all business purposes.

I know one thing that aggrivates me is fancy backgrounds & coloured text. So unprofessional.
QUOTE (Snoop @ Apr 18 2011, 02:10 PM) *

QUOTE (ROLL DEEP @ Apr 20 2011, 01:09 AM) *

Just look up David Thorne Roll & you will find all his other classic emails.

Here are two of the better ones

Blockbuster late fees

House inspection
Jack 1000
Sorry Fitz,

I did not see this post until now. I still use Word 2003 because it does everything that I need it to do, and the new Office Ribbon of 2007 and 2010, just looks strange.

Honestly, I have not have too many problems with the default fonts. Word uses Times New Roman, with a 12" pitch size as the default and I am happy with that.

Sometimes I have tried other fonts. I like Courier and I think another one called Bookman Old Style. I think I remember Aerial and Aerial Narrow as being good choices. Are you just talking about for e-mail, or for Word Processing tasks as well? You should be able to play around with the fonts and sizes just fine. In rare cases, your network administrator may require specific fonts for correspondence, but if they don't, just use whatever is most pleasing to your eye.

My advice would be don't get too fancy. The content and the meaning of the communication should always remain the focal point of the message. Keep it clear and direct.

I actually like old school WordPerfect, I have WordPerfect 12 on my system and Word 2003. WordPerfect is better at giving more manual operations for what you want to do. MS Word, often tries to second guess and "automate" what you want to have done, and often gets results wrong!

Word however, is better at Internet and Windows File Formats and editing from Internet sources.

I use Yahoo Mail for everything. I have a couple of accounts, including a test account to try out the new Beta! REALLY COOL! It's like Outlook, but without the expense!

Does this help?

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