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Seriously, WTF FSN? My fiancee does not have Showtime, so I'm watching these fights. This Jackson-Ramos fight has been entertaining so far. Jackson was hit on the break, and hurt bad. However, the fight went on. Ramos hit Jackson again on the break, and was deducted a point. So we get to round 4, John Jackson is getting smacked around to the head and body. He goes down and the rope breaks. He's out on his feet, and all of a sudden FSN goes to commercial. Seriously, at least wait til the bell. They're fixing the rope now, and Jackson is getting a huge break here. He was out on his feet, and I thought the ref was going to stop the fight. Now he'll clear his head, but he seems overmatched.
Tommy Z came out looking much better than when I last saw him. He boxed well and used his jabs. He also countered when his opponent came in, and used a great uppercut. Those were some major shots, and that was a nice KO. Boxing isn't a joke to him, as he was a Chicago golden gloves champ back in the day. I don't think the lockout will allow him to pursue this to a new level, but he's starting to improve in that ring.
Main event was solid tonight, as the upsets continue. Many of those rounds were extremly close, with many back and forth exchanges. Leal put up a spirited effort and truly came to win the fight. In all honesty, a fight like that is not bad for Marroquin. He can learn a lot from a tough fight like that, and he'll bounce back. He wasn't knocked out or dominated in there. Overall, a good night of fights on both networks.
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