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Full Version: Sergio Martinez vs Terry Norris.
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This one is pretty even. I think Sergio does have the power to put away Terry if he lands one flush, but Norris wasn't as easy to hit as Paul Williams was either.

In a back and forth fight with fair amounts of excitement, I take Norris to adjust to Martinez's awkward rhythm and outbox him going down the stretch, possibly flooring Martinez down the way.

Norris UD.
Norris was a bad ass but his chin was not the best he could be hurt by anyone with a decent punch.

Martinez can hit and can hit with speed the kind you don't see coming.

Comeptitive fight for the first few rds then Sergio stops him late in the fight.
Martinez is fast and unorthodox and but he fights with hands down and leaves too much openings, leaving himself vulnerable. He often gets real cute in the ring and if he tries any of that funny stuff with NOrris, he could get caught with some lightning combos and go down face first.

I go with Norris.
I think some are thinking of the Terry Norris from 1997.

The Norris from the early 90s was a different fighter. Sure he didn't have the best chin, but he was slick, fast, with KO power in either hand.

I think the Norris from the 2nd Simon Brown fight and the Ray Leonard fight definitely edges Martinez, with Sergio having the punchers' chance of course.
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