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Full Version: Osama Bin Laden DEAD!!!!
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Here you go.....

Jeez.....too many of you people have been watching too gotdamn many movies....lay off the National Treasure and DaVinci Code crap for a's going to your head.

I believe this is a cover up about as much as I believe that 9/11 was.

"we dont even have any evidence that Osama actually did 9/11.. i think the govt juss needed to point the finger at someone... this niqka prolly been dead and they juss bringing it to light now as a way for Obama to get re-elected... Osama was a gangster... but its the US i dont trust.. plus hes juss 1 person..

why is eveybody so excited someone was killed? i kno niqkas in the hood who done kilt a couple niqkas.. lol."

MAN...I can't believe you come from TX with that bullshit!....and by the's "nigger" or "niggers"...just because you mispell it does not change it's original correct spelling.

"Evidence"....the F'N guy admitted to being the master mind behind the whole thing...

"Osama was a gangster....but it's the US i don't trust" I can tell your from the Dallas area, cause that mode of thinking would get you hung down here in deep south TX....NOBODY black or white or brown would label that POS with any positive regard.

Well...we be all excited and shit cause that someone kilt be a muthafuca that kilt a lot niqkas in dat WTC....ya know I sayin... rolleyes_anim.gif

Come on man...if you really cannot understand how this one man being killed is something MOST Americans would be interested were either too damn young to really have taken in 9/ are just plain stupid.

I think it speaks VOLUMES that al-Qaeda officials refuse to confirm or DENY the guy is dead....or that a high ranking Saudi member turned himself in a day after the killing.

Everybody needs to be paitent....we WILL see the video and or will just take some time.

I find it no surprise at all that it was not have an elite force with head gear goign through a live event with headset cameras being watched by the Seals themselves, their CO's and the war room top brass....that's not at all a lot of people to have to contain. Once the job is done, you secure any video on databases/video equiptment and that's that....

oh yeah and there is no conspiracy about 9/11...a bunch of crazy camel F'N sand sucking Dune Coons flew planes into the buildings in the name of their blood hungry God Allah and they blew up and killed thousands of people. .....THE END.

All this gotdamn technology makes people impatient.....just WILL surface.
QUOTE (SmartyBeardo @ May 6 2011, 02:53 AM) *
Two to the chest. One to the void betwixt his ears. Sorry BG . . . it was an execution of a prisoner under house arrest.

Never suggested that 9/11 was done by our government. It was just allowed to happen. Big difference but same result.

Thank you!

As an aside, he didnt mastermind shit. He was a trust fund baby w deep pockets. Mastermind? No. Fund? Yes.
...and porn found on his computer....
QUOTE (Method @ May 14 2011, 03:37 PM) *
...and porn found on his computer....

He was a man of God, damn it!

How dare you soil his name?!
King Eugene
QUOTE (King Eugene @ May 21 2011, 01:46 AM) *

Nicely done. lol

Should've ended at 4:21.
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